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Friday, March 9, 2007

Welcome Back
I would like to re-introduce myself since I have made new friends and started coming back on the O. I have had this account for almost 5 years. I love to draw and watch anime. I have a lot of favorites, too much to tell you. Some are Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Rumbling Hearts *Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien in japanese*, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, etc etc etc. I stoped going on here/haitus because 1. No one left me comments, 2. No one ever came to my site, 3. No one commented on my art *I did not have a scanner back then so I couldn't do much *You should comment my art** and 4. I didn't have that many friends so I was very lonely. Also some of them have left the O, which has made some of my experiences very lonely. *I MISS YOU SHIORI HANA!!!! and LIE74!!!* You should keep in touch, if you want me to stick around *just kidding* I have a deviantart *LacusClyne9238.
My name is Tia *Well my real name is Cynthia but I prefer that you call me Tia* I am 14 years old and will be turning 15 on December 29. I love the Lolita Fashion is Japan. I love anything that has to do with Japan. LOL. Well this post is supr long, but I hope that coming back to the O will bring me losts of memories!
~Ja Ne
P.S. New Layout. Version 1 Stellar Loussier *Gundam SEED Destiny*

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