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Saturday, August 11, 2007

   Anosa, anosaaaaaaaaa!! #231

Yahooo!! I am here today....yay for that. It's the weekends now. What are your plans for the weekends huh? mine? I don't know either. Hahahahaha! Gosh! work was like hell. ONly at night time though. A lot of customers came when my sisters left to go home. So it was just me and my other sister left. What a bastard. I was sweaten like shit. I own a restaurant in case you're wondering. lol!! I'm kinda glad that i work there. Why? Because foreign exchange students come there and eat. We're located across from a University. I kinda like the place we're at now. The only customers that i like now are the Japanese students. They're cool. ^_^ Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Koreans come there too. We get new ones every year!! I guess we're just lucky. ^_^ Ok, this is all i have to say. Sorry for the long post you guys. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Well, you guys know a little about me, so i want to know a little about you! OKAY?! Ja!

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