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Thursday, November 3, 2005

   Now I have a lot more friends!^_^
Yaaay! I have more friends than my old one. Hahahaha...Yes! I am so happy.^_-...Hmhmhmhm...Anyways, today was an okay day for me..not much happened, but I was happy..HaaaaH!Well, I'm at my sister's school. I didn't want to go to the restaurant yet. Hey, is that how you spell restaurnt right? GoSh! I am sooo stupid. Actually, I am stupid..-_*..Ha..Ha..Ha! Okay, this messege is really boring so, I'm gonna go on to a new subject now.
Naruto Episode 158 released by Dattebayo. Actually, it released this morning around midnight..So, yeah. Be sure to watch it. Or wait until I post it up..this weekend, Okie? Thanks everybody and I'm signing off here.*_*..Ja.=D

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Ha, no school for me!.*_*
Today, I didn't go to school. You may call it skipping, but no. Yesterday, my brother had a Halloween Party and it ended around 12 midnight. THen I stayed up until 3 o'clock doing my homework. Even though I had a lot to do, so I gave up and went to sleep. GoSh! I am tired, but I'm not going to sleep. It's a good thing I slept in. Hehahahaha....Okay screw all these shit. I'll be posting up some new pictures soon.(Sooner or later)^_^ Oh, I forgot one more thing.....HAPPY bIRFDAY, KABOU!^_*
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

   Naruto! In the US?
Hey everybody, guess what I read? All you Naruto fans will be..surprised. I read that Bandai is releasing the Naruto game in the US. Cam you believe it? I can't wait..It's coming out next year. I am going to buy no matter what. I mean places has been selling naruto products too..Mostly Hot-Topic. Yeah! Naruto here I come..Wait for me.^_^hmhmhm.
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   Rain, Rain come again!
It's raining..and I am home all alone. Yes! I like staying home by myself, I don't know why..I just like it.^_^ Well, I just got back from my brother's club. We were having a family thing over there..It was pretty fun. Seeig everybody again. Same old poeple..Hi, hello, how are you? Fime, great..That's it...AArrghgh..I am not sleepy at all. I woke up too early. Damn. I'm sleepy but not tired..See, I don't get it.*_*zzzz....School is already tomorrow. We had a 2 1/2 day of short vacation..Plus the weekends, make 5 1/2 days..Okay, I gotta go..Oh! HAPPY bITHDAY, KABOU.( My older sister)=D..Her b-day isn't until tuesday, but it's an early birfday..Hehehehe! Bye. Peace out ya.*_*
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   Halloween! WHOOooOOOOO!
I forgot to mention somethimg very important..HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY! Have a safe and scary halloween night. Don't forget to scare all the little childrens and smash pumpkins....Ha, you guys think I would do that? NOoOoOoO! I'm not that kind of a person.:O
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   Bad Day!
Damn dog. She keeps on barking and barking...GuAAAhh..I can't stand it anymore. It's soo annoying. Since people are still here, I can't let her loose around the house...Buah. Well, like everyday. Today is like my bad day too. We had to do a lot of cleaning. Going up and down again and again..Gosh! I really need a break. Yesterday, was a bad day too. Too much to explain...(sniff,sniff)..Okay, now other people came. A lot of poeple. The house is like filled with poeple. I don't even know them that well. Well, except for one.(Hopefully).:(????? This is a boring messege, right? Yeah, I know. My little brother is playing video games upstairs. He's playing DBZ.(DragonBall Z). It's a cool game, except he won't let me play. What a fucken bastard. I hate him. Little brothers..chii..soo annoying.(I'm not offensive or anything).:D Okie, I gotta go now. They are talking about me. I'm gonna eavesdrop on them...hehehe..=P
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Saturday, October 29, 2005

   Naruto Update!
All I got to say about Naruto was that it was funny, sad and a happy ending. This weeks episode was fun. I totally wanted to burst out laughing. Since my dad's brother is here....Gosh! The dog is barking..she wants to come over here, but I can't let her though...GuAAAAhhh..what a cute little bitch. Hmph! Well, I posted up some new pictures. I hope you lik'em as much as I do.=D
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

   More pictures coming up soon!
Yes! I have mastered Naruto and Hinata. Now I need to master all the other people.Hahahahaha(evil laugh). Anyways, I'll probably post them up next week. So you guys better watch out for my pictures. I really love'em. I was so surprised when I drew him. I was about to cry..(sniff,sniff)^_^ Anyways, gotta go and draw some new characters. Hehe. Bye and live long. Wait, I have some questions to ask. Do you think that the United States will get the Naruto game? If you guys like the first movie of Naruto, When will the movie 2 come? I wonder??????=O
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