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Sunday, June 22, 2008

hmm... i've been doing nothing but watching anime, eating, sleeping. The perfect summer. NOT!
I'm supposed to be in Mexico hanging out with my friends, doing other fun stuf! TT TT
At least now i got messanger and can talk to my friend on weekdays

1.what should i do to unbore myself?
4.still bored
5.HIIIII everybody!!!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

My brother bought this DBZ game and I keep losing. He know how to do kamehamehas so easily when I can only do them once in a while and without knowing what buttons I push TT TT He told me how to do them but since I kept trying and trying I kept loosing cause I didn't focus on the fight TT TT Then there was this tournament that it was 2 players against com and I got the characters I didn't know how to use while he got the ones I figured out so we lost the first try (cell won the tournament)We won the 2nd time!

My brother took out his anime stash!!! YAY!!!!!!!
We started watching DBZ yesterday (saiyaman saga) but had 2g2 sleep cause my brother had to go to this course thingy for a college thingy (which's he's there right now) and I HAVE to wait until he comes back before I can keep watching anime TT TT
He also bought Those Who Hunt Elves. 6 episodes of 1st season and 6 from the 2nd.

I know it sound like my brother's the only one who buys anime but I do too, just not as much since either way I'm gonna see it, right?well, MOST of the time he let's me see it --'

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1.What's cooler, Dragon Ball Z or Bleach? Why?
2.Which one has a greater legecy? Why?
3.What anime's better than Dragon Ball Z? Why?

oh,and if u haven't seem dragon ball z skip the rest of the questions.

4.If Goku(dragon ball z) fought against Ichigo(bleach)who would win?
5.If Vegeta(dragon ball z)fought against Uryuu(bleach) who would win?
6.If Number 18(dragon ball z) fought against Rukia(bleach) who would win?
7.Whose stronger Gohan or Chad?
8.Trunks or Byakuya?
9.Trunks or Hitsugaya?
10.Videl or Taski?

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I haven't posted since i got out of school...wow
umm...i haven't been on the computer that much either. I've been watching anime. I watched the firdt and second season of Rurouni Kenshin, finished watching the first season of Full Metal Panic, and started watching Hellsing.
We went to the store like a few days ago and there were all these new box sets and collections. My brother wanted to buy full Metal Panic:the second raid (3rd season) but it was like 50 something and right now we're not sure if we'll be goning to Mexico or not so my mom won't let us spent that much money...

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Friday, May 23, 2008

2 more days...
wow,it's late/early. I fell asleep in the afternoon so my brother got on the pc and i just woke up. Since some movies were due today and couldn't be renewed my brother just went down stairs to watch them so I'm here on the pc.
If my parents wake up I'm dead...I think...
Hmmmm.....I listened to Turkish music a while ago, it was sooo cool!

It was not my perfect no school day, that's for sure.


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4 MORE DAYS!!!(of school)

weird scheduling, but...oh, well

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

7 more school days
I forgot to post this yesterday, but I am sooo mad at mine and my brother's school.
I was planning to go see the Death Note live action movie on the 20th or 21st. But, I can't cause I have to play at this school spring concert thingy(20th) and go to my brother's graduation (21st).SO SAD TT TT

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Umm...more than usual?
I'm into Bleach right now XD Since I can't watch it cause we don't have cable I can only read it TT TT
I was reading it online yesterday and my computer was so sooo slow that I wanted to GRAB IT AND JUST THROW IT ON THE FLOOR!!!! (but i'm not gonna cause it wasn't cheap") but seriously this laptop's too slow. plus i can't even watch things on youtube peacefully cause it takes a HUGE amount of time to load about only 2 mins *sigh*

Well, anyways, I don't wanna go 2 the woodwind recital at school later 2day. I can play my solo but it's weird cause i've only played w/the piano accompanist like once or twice..it sounds weird & I mess up *sigh* but it's a requirement... so sad...I wanna play violin instead.
Can't believe my friend(G) actually wrote a love note 2 give 2 this boy so he would think it was from our other friend(J)! And he bought it!even though their handwriting's different (he seemed happy about it) yeah, we think they like each other. Not only us though. So, besides her(G) and me there're like 3 other people who know who wrote the note. My friend(G) 's worried someone gonna say something. Now our friend(J)is mad/sad? cause she knows she didn't write it but doesn't know who actually did. One of the other persons said it was someone elses idea (someone who really knows who wrote it)...it's complicated.

g2g, gonna read more bleach!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

On Saturday my brother cut part of his index finger off!!!
It was funny and I couldn't stop making fun of him, so today...yeah, KARMA!
We went to the store to buy some bandages and I smashed my middle finger with the car door!
it was weird cause my brother actually let me sit in the front seat today(which he NEVER does) and this happens!?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

[No Subject]
New friend! I'm SOO happy!XD

The company I ordered the stuff from mistook a 9 for a 4! They're gonna send (it's backordered) so they're gonna send a Gunslinger Girl poster instead of the Gravitation one!!!
And my friend ordered the Gravitation one so I have to get the right one! My friend's pissed though. ^^"

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