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Monday, July 24, 2006

hey everyone!!!
how are ya??
me myself im fine!!
this weekend was realy fun and i made it without technology, im very proud of myself. ^-^ but so yeah, everyone knows i went camping, core camping in fact.[girl scout camping...]so we didnt all kinds of stuff like canooing and stuffs! so yeah we met some preety interseting people..well one lets see. the workers there had little code name thingys, like you know the ones that arent thier real names. so this one lady was boaz...but i kept calling her gonads, and my freinds where cracking up. she also scared all of us cus we thought she was bipolar, and she acted funy. so yeah friday we settled in our tents and then went on this night hike, and we where picking on the little jounur girl scouts, it was so funny cus they where so freakin mad. then we made them start fighting. which was caous. moving on...later that nioght my friends b/f called her and we all thought they [her b/f and his friends] where stoned because he kept on going about how comfortable he was, it was hilarious. saturday it rained so we canooed in the rain, and it was all a ok of a day. my friends had went out in the rain in thier underwear..it was fuuny, i hope they dont get sick! well yeah im glad i went and had fun! ^^

today im going to try to make it to some of your site!!
well im going to go for nowws!!
-<3 otakugirl03

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Friday, July 21, 2006

hey hey! thanks for commenting me guys, sorry today i wont have the time and visit everyones site! im just around long enough to put up a post, haha. because im on my to camp! ^^ no technology for a weekend...think i can last before i go absolutly crazy??? who knows. haha.
well TehOneRing asked where is the music is from?...its from the theme song of evangaleon! [thinks i spelled it wrong.] haha...well i gotsa goes. ill be back on sunday, and hopefully i will get around to peoples sites..!! ^^
<3 otakugirl03

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   hey ^^
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how is evryone?
im fine here, just watching summer fly before my eyes. hahaha. ok so yeha you see i got a new theme, and its D.N.Angel!! i just started to read it [the mangas] and its realy good.
um so yeah, nothing new realy has happened but that im going camping and stuff this weekend. haha. so yeah, ill be arounds.
<3 -otakugirl03

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

   its been forever!!
hey hey!
its been a month since i been around TToTT
im sorriehs everyone!!!
i plan on being on more and more, ^^
well g2g!!
-<3 otakugirl03

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

hey how everyone, sorry i havent posted for a minute. i was busy lol. so this is how my weekend went... i went over my friends on saturday, and we had fun and everything, lol. but when we ordered pizza i had been dared to freak out the deliver, so of course my crazy self was going to do it!!!! so me and my friend hid in the other room, waitin for my friend who was going to pay the guy to say "pizzas here" when she said that we jumped out from the other room and yelled "PIZZA PIZZA!!!!" we kept saying it jumping around and then we hugged and fell to the floor laughing so hard..my other friend said that the guy was shaking his head in disbelief, but it was so funy, especialy when its 11 at night!! XD then sunday came the sports parade where me and my friend where freakin hyper off of sprinkles..dinosaur sprinkles!!!! -yay- then monday. testing went by so fast and we got out at 11 am, which was awesome, then tuesday our last day, we got out at 10,because we only had the english final.then myone friend came up to meand was like you want to go to the park,i waslike sure.knowing i had nothing better to do.so i went with a whole group of my freinds,and we had a picnic for like 5 hours ..(we spent the whole day there baisicly) it was alot of fun, hanging out with a whole bunch of friends who are funy and crazy!! lol,and now it summer vacation..which it doesnt feel like it..but it is. lol. next year im oingtobe a sophmore!! ^^ my freshman days where fun but now are over! >.< bring on the sophmorism!!! XD
question of the day:
what was the worst dare you had to do??

-i realy dont know.. oh wait when my friends had dared me to eat this peice of lettece drenched in ranch,salt,pepper,and there was something else too... and of ccourse i ate it, it was so nasty..>.< lmao

well im going to try and visit everyone sites!!!

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

nyah,i kinda ran out of topic names, so its just the days of the week.lol.just two more half days guys,im happy yet sad.lol.
oh yeah,if you havent noiced i changed my theme,i wanted the theme miwako,from paradise kiss to last but i couldnt get aawesome bg..specialy one that would stay up. so now its moro and maru!! they are from xxxHOlic!!! -yay-good manga by the way! ^-^

~if you're interested~
heres a review on what paradise kiss is about:
"Sweet exotic scents filled its every corner, as if someone was making candies in a Chinese import store. Dizzying music pulsated and bounced off the loud pink walls. There was an old bar, and a pool table, and three sewing machines. They called it their studio. It was like a secret hideout."

So opens Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss, a stunning manga series that combines fashion and romance to tell a moving coming-of-age story. Paradise Kiss is the manga I imagine Francesca Lia Block might write; Ai Yazawa's beautiful, fairy tale visuals recall Block's dreamy prose. Yet Paradise Kiss keeps its feet firmly on the ground, following its believably flawed heroine on her journey of self-discovery. That heroine is Yukari Hayasaka, an average student struggling (apathetically) to make it through prep school and wondering who she is. Her life is suddenly thrown off its predictable course by an encounter with a group of fashion students: prickly, punk Arashi, wise (and transgendered) Isabella, doll-like Miwako, and George, the enigmatic leader of the group who call themselves Paradise Kiss.

I highly recommend Paradise Kiss for young adult or adult collections. Despite the sumptuous clothes and sophisticated visuals that make it such a pleasure to look at, Paradise Kiss's true strength is in its characters (which are always true to life). Ai Yazawa is not shy about discussing sex, so some libraries may choose to shelve Paradise Kiss in Adult, but her treatment of the subject is sophisticated. While there are two or three sex scenes, the intimacy takes place between couples and comes with emotional consequences. While Paradise Kiss is a romance (with more than its share of beautiful people), the series offers an unusually clear-eyed look at the good and the bad in relationships.

lol,well...my word of the day:
futuristic dinosuars: definition unknown...-(my definition)
--robotic dinosuars that wil take over the futuristic world!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!


random question of the day:
whats the color that suits your personality???

mine would have to be..pinkish orangish!!!! beacausethey are randomly cute and fun!!! lol.

well g2g,i know its a long post!!

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

hey how is everyone today?
im doing well, we have one more full day and two half days left. *whooo*
lol, today i dont think much happened. but lunch was preety funy. i seen my senoir friend ambie, she left yesterday, cus it was seniors last day! ^-^ so i wont be seeing her anymore in school, but the summer ill be seeing her no doubt. lol

^o^ my word of the day:
(defintion)-A silly, foolish, or stupid person.
i.e.: its what ralph from ed edd n' eddy calls the "ed boys"

@_@ well heres my question of the day: what shoes did you weara today??

>.< that was random!! i like shoes, even though i have a million of them and wear the same sneaks almost everyday. today i wore flip flops..not my sneaks, lol

lol., well algebra here i come!!!
-runs in circles flapping arms-
(im not so enthusiastic bout it..)

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

so my day has been cool, lol
today in gym we didnt haff to dress, so i had went to go and buy some food from the vending machine, and i ended up getting this candy that i didnt want, so now im sitting it here and eating it with my awesomeo freinds, and i just ate one and spit it out on the ground andits in peices, lol -stares at it- it was nasty -drinks water- lol. what a fun packed day hmm?
and now we have two more full days and finals next week. lol. so yeah well tonight i got honored for running in track (hurtles) and im getting a letter for my lettermans jacket. -yay-!!! lol
well g2g,

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

how was everybodys weekend?
i had so much fun...eating -_-'
and i had a whole bunch of family lingering at my house for our picnics!!!
okay anyways...
the end of the year is coming...and im going to be so sad...my friend is here saying shes going dread the end of next year..and my other freind just said she was wearing victorias secret underwear..nice to know -hugs her- lol. yes im in class.. and this is the only site that i can go on now..because they blocked everything T.T..so im just going around checking out peoples sites, that i havent stopped by in forever. lol. well im bout to go to algebra..-is doomed- laters
today i have nothing random to post..-jumps around-

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Monday, May 29, 2006

   Happy memorial day!!
lol,well how is everyone?? ive been up and down latley, but im very happy school is about to end we have one more week and then finals..then my freshman days are over...T.T
then i relized that i havent been on myotaku for more than a month, ive benn neglecting everyone, -hugs- im sorry. butihave a newtheme!
its paradise kiss, yep a very manga. the anime was okay, but if youre going to get into the series,i recommend the manga!! <(^o^)> (<-strange kirby)well g2g laters!!

new picture:
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