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Monday, August 6, 2007

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I don't have much for you today...Dx
I've been having a rather uneventful week...
Well, yesterday I popped over to my mom's house out of the blue to get my swimsuits. x3 My, did she look confused. She was like,"Wh-why are you here?"

"To get my swimsuits."
*barges in*

It was fun. I pet my dear Odysseus also. He bes the cat.x3 His real name is Otis...but I find it too bland. 0_~

I also had an interesting dream yesterday night, more than likely due to playing Final Fantasy XII until 3 in the morn. :3

The beginning, that I can remember, was like I was playing a video game, much similar to FFXII of course. xD There was a group of people, one of them being a gypsy, and it was implied that I was playing as her. Apparently, we were trying to run away from a certain group of people, with an apparently very important person among them. The reason we were running away from them was because we tried to fight them, but they were much stronger than us, so we had to run. Well, eventually they caught up, and I was captured and forced to work for "Mr. Important Man" at some festival/carnival. When I went there, apparently I was an entertaining people by dancing around with a tamborine. x3 Well, after I had done that for a while, I went to look at the other things going on. By this time the dream went from the view of playing a video game to watching TV. xD The first thing I see is what is implied as a girl dressed in a traditional Noh play yokai costume, (that's what they called it anyway. xD) and the colors of it were all earthy toned, like browns and greens and the like. The girl didn't even look like a girl though...more like an overweight male. O.o; And it was revealed later that she was actually a he. xD After that, I went over to what looked like a track where you would race dogs, except where the mechanical rabbit was supposed to go, there were raising giant slabs of meat to a similar device on either side of the track. Both of the slabs of meat were tied up with string, and they were both different types. The first they said was pork...but it was brown and looked more like this nasty barbeque stuff we have at school. xD The other they said was tuna, but it looked the same as the "pork" except whitish-pink. It also had kawaii chibi squid and circular faces, both of which had simple faces on them, apparently they were made out of some edible paste. I'm guessing bean paste. xD But here is the real odd part. They weren't going to race dogs. Oh no. There is no such thing as any form of normalcy in my dreams. x3 They were going to race cows. Yes, cows. xD I wanted to know when cows became carnivores. >x<;

After talking to Shiko on the phone, I realized that the faces in the "tuna" was the face off of the Maruchan ramen packages. x3

The revised and newer version of Hello World : Japan was on today...god, they really need to get someone that actually knows about Japan to do that show. xD Not only did they mispronounce and misspell half of it, like the word NARUTO! xD But they said things like that Miya was the lead singer of MUCC. Wtf?! No! That would be dear Tatsurou. D,x It was so bad that it almost made me want to cry over their stupidity. xD But the good thing was that I got to dance around to Maple Gunman, which I know all of Miku's moves to. xD Oh, and listening to Ryuusei. =D


Ryuusei: (Which means Meteor in Nihongo. =3)

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