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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Midsummer season, the cicadas singing beyond the sliding door....

Listening to
Kigan - Dir en grey

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I was tagged by dear Shiko for a requested 6 random facts. Woooooot. So I figured I would before my computer decided to eat my innards. =D

1)Apparently, I have an anti-electronics field around me, because everything mechanical I use/go near either
a. dies a horrible death
b. hates me
c. all of the above
For instance, my PS2 enjoys sporadically stopping in the middle of important scenes in video games, causing me to have to restart the entire thing and die numerous times. Shiko knows what I be talkin' bout. It just happened the other day when I was playing Final Fantasy X. xD Also, the notebook computers at school loathe me. I had started out on number 13, and I went through all of them up to 15, all of them having some sort of strange problem. I was working on going backwards , and I had gotten back to good ole' numba 14, that just happened to be playing hide and seek with ALL menus at the end of school... There are much more...but this is getting really long. xD

2)I have an irrational fear of fish. Especially Parrot fish. Don't ask me why....fish are just so darn creepy looking! D,= It doesn't help when you have to dissect them in Biology either...their eyes are too creepy.
What's ironic is that I love eating the darned things. Yummy! =D

3)This is more about me aaand Shiko, buuuut, we have our own fangirls and boys. xD There are two girls in the grade below us that are our uber fangirls, and they're twins. x3 They are dear Gabriela and Cecilia, and they are the coolios. ^.^ Our other fans though....*shudder*
They is a certain boy that creeps us both out. He walks around funny and rolls a rolly backpack around. Whenever he sees us, he used to wave hi, but now he actually saaaays it!!!! AAAAAAH! We hid in fear whenever we saw him. xD It's sort of an irrational fear, yet again, but hey, we can't help it. xB We have others....but not as awesome as the twins. ^.^

4)My brother is freaking hilarious. I'll give you two instances from the many.
When Shiko and Kayla were at my house for my birthday, my brother decided he would say, "I'm a lesbian!" and "Condoms are delicious, just like cocaine!" And mind you, those are just selected quotes. Later he told me that he enjoys eating condoms with his cereal....WTF? And a while ago....
Coltin: Who do you like?
Me: No one really, why?
Coltin: You have to like soooooomeone! I bet you like......Hayden Christensen! >:3 ( Anakin from Star Wars...and I'm pretty sure I totally spelled his last name wrong...xD)
Me: Oh yeah, I soooo like Hayden. <3333
Coltin: Aha! Waaait! You can't have him! He's mine! D=>
Me: I KNEW IT! You ARE a lesbian! 8D

Yeah. Exactly. And he's only 9. x3

5) Next off....I suppose I have odd food choices?
I certainly do not enjoy fruit...I dunno why either. I guess I just prefer savory foods over sweet? It doesn't help that I have odd reactions towards bananas, watermelon, and raw carrots (I know, not a fruit. xB)....@.@
I absolutely adore vegetables though...green beans with cheese is nummy. 83

6) My eyes are a little a'tarded....besides the fact that I have astigmatism. (Look ma, my eyes are curvy! 8D) My eyes are green, but sometimes they go all yellow-like. xB I remember when I told me and Shiko's dear Kayla and Austin-face. I got a full-blown eye examination. " Woooooah! They really aaare!"

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Well, that's certainly not all of my quirks, but there you go. I know it took me awhile to post this too. xD TheO hates me apparently and either won't work at all for me, or won't let me post comments....hence #1. I'm supposed to tag 6 other people....foohy on that! xD
Just do this if you want I suppose...if you don't, then awesome!
Oi vey!
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Friday, June 29, 2007

   I am the Aqua Man of LIFE!!!!

EDIT: Some of the pictures showed up uberly cut off on my computer, but I'm assuming it's just mine, so I left them up.

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I'm going to have to make this short, due to the atarded-ness of my computer, so I'll post up the crappy-phone-Dir en grey pictures I took at the concert. 8D

By the way, if you want to read about the awesome happenings about the concert, just go to Shiko's site. Most of you reading this are probably Shiko's friends anyways though. x3

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By the way,(Sushi should especially read this ^.~) Kaoru had a large J necklace on too. 8D

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These pictures are so crappy...x3

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This is where they were leaving the stage.

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This one is dedicated to Momo! 8D
This was the first picture I took, but I decided to save it for last. >.~

Oh! I also got a haircut too. I decided since everyone else has posted pics of themselves, I shall too! >8D SHIELD YOUR EYE INNARDS!!!!!

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After haircut! 8D
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But it only looks like that if it has product in it and has been straightened. x3 My hair is usually quite insane...I don't see how it couldn't be due to the owner.......

Anyways, I suppose I'll see you all later, and thanks for actually visiting my site. x3

I'll leave you with....DARTH VADER VS. THE JAPANESE POLICE!!!!

The reason I haven't been able to comment lately is because of my @$$hole computer. xD I do read all your guy's posts though! <3

I should probably explain the title, nyo?
I've concluded that I must either be Aqua Man, a relative, or extremely similar to him.
He's rather lame conpared to other super heroes, and even has a crappy video game! Surely my lameness must compare to his? xD

I have new Edward fan art! Comment it! 83 You can even look at/comment the others while you are at it! 8D

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


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Aaaaah! I so shorry! I haven't posted in 'evers...ah jeesh I apologize every time, but I haven't learned my lesson. D=<
I'm going to actually blame getting grounded from the 'net and being busy with school/track/drawing/playing video games. xD
Tuesday and today we got/will get out of school at 2 for parent teacher conferences, so I couldn't go to track practice due to me not being able to drive. xD So I felt rather lazy,and I probably will tomorow too, especially since we tend to not due as much at school on these kind of days because of the lack of time. My dear Kayla got in trouble again also...I believe her mum came and picked her up from school...but I dunno. I guess I'll hear about it the next time I see her....Heh, speaking of friends, every time I take my glasses off lately, Austin proclaims : " OMG WHERES NANCY? WHO ARE YOU?! Hey, guess what? There's this really cool person named Nancy....." I think you get the gist of it. xD Oh, my name isn't Nancy by the way...>.<; Austin just tends to call me that...
Omigosh! On IMF (International Music Feed) I saw the Hello World for Japan. xD It was awesome! There wasn't anything about any bands I'm obsessed with, but it was still good. =D Oh! There is also going to be a new show called Local Feed, and I believe they are doing one on Tokyo! =D On the commercial, there is Antic Cafe and Polysics! And a bunch of people cosplaying and Harajuku-nesh! A lot of the cosplayers look like Ruki! xD And there were a bunch of Antikku fangirls going "Nyappy!" and doing the hand sign. =3
Has anyone seen the show "The Whitest Kids You Know"? That show is freaking hilarious! I've only seen one episode and the video for "Get a New Daddy" though. xD If you get the chance, you should definitly watch it! I believe it is on at 10 on Tuesday nights, but that's just around here, so the time might be different depending on your time zone. Heh...sorry that I tell you this AFTER Tuesday...you call all wait though. >=3

Well.....my computer is being tarded again....I better post this before it dissaparates. D=

Pssst.....sorry if I haven't commented on your guys' sites lately...my computer keeps freaking out when it comes to theO, and I don't know why! D,=

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Over and over somewhere begins to break

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Yes, I know I use odd emoticons.
I use them because I can. >=D
I had another odd dream last night...I can only remember a little bit, as usual, though.
I was in this really empty room on the second floor of some house, and all that was in there was a TV in the corner. It was one of those old TVs that sit on the floor and are encased in wood to make them look purdy. (I love those TVs =D) But anyways, the room was really dark and dusty, I think my brain was trying to scare me, but it failed horribly. It was a very interesting dream. Apparently I went from being in the room to being in a room with a stage in the front. It seemed like the exact same room but it wasn't. It was sort of like a video game in that I obtained items, and when I threw them up on the stage and said something, certain things happened. The only things I can remember that happened was that it looked like some old black white film, except it was all brown-ish, and all that happened was a guy from the 1700's singing, and a bunch of ladies from the same respective century dancing. O.o; 'Twas odd.
And I wanted a Diru dream...OMFG I HAD ONE! I can remember it now! I was at my house sulking, and all of a sudden in the middle of the night, Shiko, Kayla, Ben, Chris, and all of DeG came to my house in a limo. Kyo came down the driveway, and when I went down to see who was at my door, Kyo was there in a tux, nonchalantly standing at my door and he asked me if I wanted to go to prom with all of them. THE END. That's when It turned into the odd dream.
Well....that's all for today.
Hope your brain didn't implode. =D

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P.S. I finally uploaded that Yumi art Shiko! =D

This video is sooo old. =D

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Monday, February 5, 2007

   You can't shoot the silver bullet into me.

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Well, Penguin Day is over, and we can look forward to the second annual official unofficial Penguin Day next year. It is not only of February, the shortest month, but the month of Kyo, Shinya, Kaoru, and Intetsuís birthdays, the beginning of Diruís American tour, Valentineís day, and the potato event of Diru coming to Minnesota on Valentineís too, which I canít go to.....*potato potato*. Iím finally ungrounded too! Another reason I havenít been on in a while...XD. We continue to watch horrible films in out health class, which have horrible acting I might add. But hey, better than notes/homework/tests neh? Oh, also, me and Kayla had a wonderful P.E. It was Boys vs. Girls in floor hockey, and the girls won. OH yesh. Thatís right. >=D I also pretended to have turrets in Spanish because everyone was worried about the test. A lot of things that we knew were going to be on the test, we hadn't had many assignments over, so it would be hard to remember things that we hadn't barely even done yet. So we all made a plan that we would randomly shout out answers turret-style. But, alas, the test turned out to be easy. Foohy. Shiko went to the nurse during Biology the other day too. I didn't like it because it made the space in front of my desk seem really empty and it didn't feel right....I don't know. I'm wierd like that. Plus, I didn't want Shiko to go home. I suppose I'm selfish for wanting her to stay when she's not feeling well. But she stayed at school anyways. But in Biology we get to learn about worms! Yay? XD I'll probably end up having my dad write me a note for when we disect worms that (might) excuse me from it if I don't feel well. Becaaaause, I'm not squeemissssh, but my brain hates me. Sometimes with stuff like that, I faint and start twitching on the ground....in fact I need to stop typing about it because just that is making my brain fuzzle....speaking of fuzzling of the brain! I had a dream the other night, but I can only remember one part of it. Apparently Dir en grey was having a photo shoot in my aunt's living room. Oh yes, my dreams are always at my aunt's house. But anyways, apparently they, as in the random people that I didn't see but were implied were there in my dream, were taking pictures of Kyo at the time. Kyo had a black t-shirt on that had Merciless Cult written on it in a cool font, sort of in a circular shape, and a black button up shirt over it, unbuttoned. But I guess my brain thought that wasn't cool enough, and gave the button shirt a hood. My brain likes to change it's mind a lot. So Kyo was doing different poses and what not, and he did one where he was holding his hood up, and it said something on the inside of the hood, but I don't remember what it said. It was in a similar font as the front of his shirt, and he did a couple with the hood actually on. Oh...he had the same style of hair that he's had lately too. Well....that's all I can remember.... So I guess enough of the rambling that no one will read! =D

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Friday, January 5, 2007

   Yooo Maaaaan. It's Kenzoooo!

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I haven't posted since Turkey Day...hehee.
You don't realize how bad I feel...*sigh*
I finally added Shiko, Dir en Grey, and Miyavi on MySpace! Yay! Everyone rejoice! Miyavi's site is hilarious by the way. He wears Playboy undies? O.o; Buuuut anyways.I gots wonderful new Octupi shoes for Eckmas. Yes. Octupi. And I luff them. <3 Shiko took a piccy of them with her camera today on the bus...it was a really good picture too. I've gotten a lot of mixed reactions though. I showed Justin and he was jealous ( XD ) Kaysi said they were ugly, and a bunch of people in Algebra II complimented me on them today...oh wells! Teh shoes=luff to me! XD Speaking of school...it was pretty hilarious at our lunch table today. I brought those Liquid Mints to school today to have a couple after lunch, so at lunch I asked if anybody else wanted some. Everyone did so I 'attempted' to give one to everyone. Well I was fine until I got to Justin, when all of them magically flew out in his hand. x . X I didn't want them back so I just let him have them all. I don't know where his hands have beeeen!!!! XD
He then proceeded to pop them, spraying mint juice everywhere, which I told him not to do, because Shiko, Kayla, and I did that I Kayla's house and it ended up in her eye...Britney also ended up dropping hers in her apple juice, but she didn't want to drink it out because it would taste nasty. We all made Justin drink it. I asked him what it tasted like, and he said, "Hm, doesn't taste bad, just a little minty!" Then the mint proceeded to explode and make it taste like asparagus in his mouth. XDDDDD
Then Grant decided he would try to spit his into Justin's mouth. XD Justin then proceeded to chicken out. Then they got bored and played soccer with them on the table, but it kept on sticking to it, so they tried to hide them in their respective goatees. OHEMGEE. My lunch is insane....
Shiko made me some more CDs too. I now have more Jrock to listen to! :D
I've been listening to Ayabie constantly lately....god I luff Kenzo...XD But I made my dad watch the video to Shiko Sahako ( I think I totally typed that wrong) It was funny. I really love that vid even though it's pretty simple and not that exciting. XD I don't know, I just love it. I also love the song Virgin Snow Color. Aaahhhhhh...so pretty!
Well, hope to talk to you all later! I'll try and visit your sites as much as possible! Much love to all my friends!

Oooooh. By the way. I'm going to clean out my friend's list soon. All of you that keep in touch with me don't have to worry but if you pretty much never talk to me at all and just added me to make your list longer, prepare to be deleted! Bwahahahaaaa! Oh yes. I am evil like that. >:D

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Ah! Pwetty Kenzo! XD I have a thing for drummers, what can I say?

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

   *gobble gobble*

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Happy Thanksgiving ebullibody!
How was all your guy's day?
I went to my g-ma's house today and ate lots of food.....LOTS.
I had pickles and celery and radishes and turkey (duh) and beans and cheesy potatoes and apple salad and rolls and pumpkin pie and .....I better stop now. I think you get the picture...XD
But I had seconds on about everyting....ah what a lil piggy I am.....^.^
Me and my brother ran around outside at my grandma's too...there are rabbits up the wazoo out there...
It was also sort of ironic on the way up to my grandma's too...because three turkeys flew in front of our car...XD
Silly turkeys.

Much AnCafe luff!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

   The sleepy bright lullabye...

Postie time:6:46

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Sorry I haven't posted for forever, you people that are actually reading this o' course. ^.^
School is an uber pain in the buttocks.
*stab stab*
Well anyways, the new theme ish AnCafe because they are fracking awesome. *dancey dance*
Me an' Shiko have really gotten into Ayabie lately too...so kawaii!
I haven't gotten to listen to too much of their music yet though...
Can anyone else not wait until Xmas by the way?
I need presents now! XD *ish selfish today*
I don't now what I want though....maybe I can convince me da into getting me shtuff offa ebay? I hope so...

Today was fairly odd as usual...one of our new kids, Sonny, came to school with a hugemantic black eye. It looked like someone dipped their finger in dark purple paint and smeared it on his left eyelid...it was a lovely shade! XD
He said that he got in a fight with his 22 year old brother. What a lovely brother that must be! Poor Sonny! >.<

I finally remembered Wagamama's name Shiko!

'The Selfish March'

Kanon's gonna burn his eyeballs out if he keeps on using that magnifying glass...

La La La... La La La...

Look Shiko! It's a Gulpin! XD


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Saturday, October 7, 2006

Anger. Lovely. XD

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Well, yesterday was rather intersesting. More on the whole Kayla case (and for those who have no clue what I'm talking about, go to Shiko-chan's site ^.^) which led to much crying and huggles, but eventually turned out semi-ok. Yeah.
We played an odd form of made up dodgeball and soccer in Cross Country yesterday too. Man do I luff soccer. We were playing both of those on the basketball court though...odd...but nonetheless I suppose. XD I ended up slicing my forehead and hand on some of the chain link fence though. I suppose I need to watch where I'm going ne? My forehead was bleeding pretty bad, but I only have a big red mark on the palm of my hand because it's so calloused (sp?) so the fence couldn't break the skin. It amuses me greatly. ^.^
I borrowed the 4th Inuyasha movie from Shiko, who was borrowing it from Kayla's bro. XD
I reeeeally liked it. I have to say that I believe it is the best Inu movie I have seen so far. The little kids in that movie are sooo kawaii!!! XD I especially loved Shion! Poor Shion! He doesn't really do much in the beginning of the movie, and he seems shy, but near the end he plays a partially important role. ^_^
Oh man...I just remembered...I have a Cross Country meet on Monday! Noooooo!!! XD I believe it's the Conference meet...but I can't seem to remember! XD Ahhh, what a loser I am! ;3

I'll leave you with a random doodle from last school year. Oh yes, I AM insane. ;D

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I was making fun of Shiko too...silly orangutan! XD

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

   Oh yeah!!! Numba 73!!!! Hecks yesh!!!! XD

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Random International Video: Smile by Lilly Allen (England)

Time- 8:22 PM
Well, I just got back from my Cross Country meet...soooo I thought I'd post a lil' something or other! Weeeee!
Well I got 73rd in the meet and I had to step over a team mate's barf after the finish line! It was wonderbibble! ^.^ lmao!
Afterwards my dad picked me up in the bee(it's what I call his truck) and we went to A&W! Gotta love those root beer floats!!!
This Saturday is Shiko-chan's b-day! Huzzah! I reeeally can't wait! It's going to be awesome!!! I hope there's something awesome at the mall I can get....
Sorry for not being able to post or update art that often either ebullibody! School and Cross Country takes up a lot of my time!!!
But I still luff joo all!!! (The ones that actually still visit my site that is! lmao!)
Well, bai bai!
I leave you with YeLLOW Generation - Lost Generation!

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