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Friday, March 16, 2007

   Energy drain and School


That was really a long Hiatus and I am so glad to be back with a new layout and still of course brought to us by no other than 311. It says Magic, Magic indeed that I am still able to maintain this. I'll try to keep this page alive from now on. A tagboard or shoutbox is already present so that you guys may comment on my posts. I just do not know how to make the comment links appear. Anyways, please still sign the Guestbook and I'll sign yours back..I promise.

Latest News

Health condition is already improving but I still do not feel like visiting a heart specialist because I am a bit scared. Please visit my website if you guys have time, ~Otaku_Tenshi14~ and it opens in a new window.
Exams days is fast approaching and I am so happy because I was exempted from taking the final exam for one of my minor subjects (majors do notgive exemptions..my effort was wasted). Take care everyone. I wish all of you luck and happiness.


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