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Friday, March 9, 2007

Borat Lost, Neji Fan Club and my Health condition


That was really a long Hiatus and I am so glad to be back with a new layout and still of course brought to us by no other than 311. It says Magic, Magic indeed that I am still able to maintain this. I'll try to keep this page alive from now on. A tagboard or shoutbox is already present so that you guys may comment on my posts. I just do not know how to make the comment links appear. Anyways, please still sign the Guestbook and I'll sign yours back..I promise.

Latest News

Good news first. I have finally joined this wonderful Neji Hyuuga Fan Club here in MyO and I want to invite all you Neji fans out there to join too. Just visit Koneako's profile by clicking on the Fan club's banner below ok and PM her or sign her guestbook.

Now with the bad news. Borat is finally lost. I wanted to insult that homekeeper but it won't do anything good and it won't bring back my Borat to me. Another thing is, I had my ECG just last week and the result was weird according to a respiratory techinician or expert who conducted it. She even told me to visit a cardiologist and ask about their opinion. I have colds right now. My teaching demonstration was a big mess because of it. But my teacher did understand. I'll just pray that everything will finally be better for me.

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