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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok, I found this quote in a book by Nancy Werlin, titled "Impossible". I really liked it, and it seemed to fit my life pretty well. If you take it at face value of course. If you read the book, and take the quote from that perspective, weeeelllllll. Anyways, my life is nothing like the main girls, just to clear that up. Anyway, so here it is.
"I'm not sayin I'm glad it happened. Not exactly. But I'm not sorry to be the person I am today, and to have the life I have now. Even though it's not what I thought I wanted for my future, a year ago, it is what I want now. ..(skip a little part)...I'm glad for the truth. I'm glad to know the truth about her and how brave and loving she was."
So yeah, just a quote I liked, and I felt like putting it in here. I think I may start putting a bunch of qoutes on my site, some from anime, some from school, and some from books. ....No one comes here, do they.

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