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Hey! We're the Otaku Host Club, and if I'm not mistaken (and PM me if I am XD), the first Host Club to be on the Otaku!

This club is for fans of Ouran High School Host Club, and for people who want to become Hosts or to talk to the Hosts!!

So, if you want to join, just sign the guestbook, and we'll send you the code for our banner, and add you to our friends list. Not too difficult, huh? =)

If you want to be a client to any of the Hosts, just send them a PM ^^


~ Emmah
~ Ekedo
~ Betteh.

~ Ekedo
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~ Kaoru Hitachiin

~ Kyoya Ohtori

~ Shineska

~ inuyasha luver118

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

   I'm Sooooooo Sorry!!
Imagine Ritsu from Fruits Basket aplogising like he does, and now you have the perfect image of me right now ^^' If you haven't watched Fruits Basket, I think you really should. You'll like it.

So yeah, I'm really really sorry for not updating this site in like, a month 0_o Or something like that.

A fair few people have signed the OHC guestbook, and so a few of them have probably wanted to become members. I'll have a look in a minute ^^'

So, yeah, I really uberly sorry!! And I can't remember if I sent the banner to everyone, so if you haven't got it, just send us a PM and I'll get it to you right away ^^

Lots of work to do... So little time to do it XD I hope you're all well.

~ Emmah

Edit: Gah! I'm getting really fed up with these one-liners for Guestbook signings, and I'm also getting fed up of the people who don't bother reading the name of this site or our intro and just say "you have a really nice site, I'm adding you to my friends list and I hope we can become really good friends, and I hope you can visit my sites sometimes".

HELLO? WE'RE A CLUB! We're looking for members, clients and hosts, not people who want to bloody promote their sites.

Read our intro and the name of our CLUB, before you sign our guestbook! I've actually just deleted a few hguestbook signings because it's so damn annoying!!

On a brighter note, we have a new Host =) Thanks, inuyasha luver118 for becoming our newest Host!!

And also welcome to ONE new member, Irrasshaimase!! The only one out of about 6 or 7 guestbook entries over the past month who actually noticed we're a club. I think he deserves an award =) Cheers!!

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