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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mar 2 2010
... It's so hard not to laugh.

Canada vs. the U.S.A, or: My Newfound Sense of Nationalism and the Vancouver Olympic Games

Alright, so I think this was written before Canada won against USA in the men's hockey tournament. So the article claims that America has been belittling Canada. I was kinda surprised at this, but I suppose that was to be expected... but anyway, this is what caught my attention:

"This is how I see it: America is like Canada’s older, more successful sibling (don’t even get me started on the inclusion of Mexico in this equation). Mother England and Father France or Father Spain or however you want to put it gave birth us a few hundred years ago (or, more honestly, kidnapped us from our First Nations birth parents), and we had to grow up together. In our youth, we got in big fights (the War of 1812, which, hey, Canada kinda won), but as we matured we learned to get along as best we could (more or less) because we had to. After all, we’re family.

But the U.S. also emotionally neglected its sibling, because it didn’t really need him or her. With its geographic disability (colder, less liveable space, etc), Canada’s growth had been stunted, allowing the U.S. to grow taller and bigger and stronger. Canada learned to accept this disadvantage (more or less), making the best of it and creating a nice little society with what we had, all the while knowing deep down we did need the U.S. Eventually, people in the global community grew to really appreciate the modesty that came with Canada’s accepted inferiority. And as we’ve seen, the U.S. likes to champion it too. But secretly they are as jealous of our likability as we are jealous of their bigger cities and bigger power and bigger cultural industry. And this is a dominant facet of a sibling rivalry that usually gets kept under the radar, mostly because it’s in our best interest to have everyone think we get along."

gahahhaha seriously, Hetalia cannot be good for my health, but these paragraphs just related so well to APH that... hahahhaha OMG Mother England and Father France/Spain?!?! LOLOL

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