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Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb 28 2010, Sunday

Jason's birthday, the last day of the Winter Olympics, and the day of the USA vs Canada men's ice hockey game for the gold. USA lost, 2-3. It was awesome tho. (I didn't really watch the whole replay because, honestly, hockey still kinda bores me... especially if I know when the goals are going to be made and if I know who's going to win...) OMG USA made the last goal with just 30 sec left in the game!! Like their last game against Canada when they made that open net goal at the last minute...

ha, I never would have thought that I would be able to write a paragraph about sports. hahahha

Anyway, I found this awesome news article about Canada's closing ceremony. It was apparently awesome! I didn't really watch it cuz I wanted to watch the... the hockey game (I really still can't believe that I was willing to watch a hockey game of all things. I mean boxing and basketball are ok.... but hockey??) instead.

Some cool quotes from the article:

There the athletes were, smaller and more real suddenly, snapping pictures like tourists, waving to cameras -- "Hi, Mom!" -- milling aimlessly, mashed together in the most accomplished moshpit in history. Canadians, Americans, Russians, Finns: all the stiffness, posing, pre-competition jitters was gone, dissolved in a moment of pure fun. There's nothing else like it in sports.

We didn't get that in Beijing. Organizers at the 2008 Summer Games ran a minutely-controlled and choreographed farewell that looked great on TV, but killed any hint of spontaneity; the athletes were all but herded into pens. But Canada is no China; it's the land of half the world's great comedians. When a faux-repairman, giant screwdriver on his belt, kicked off Sunday's festivities by "fixing" the same arm of the cauldron that so infamously failed to rise at the opening ceremony, allowing speedskating legend Catriona Le May Doan to finish the torch-lighting ceremony she missed a fortnight ago, we knew we were in good hands. Nothing is so endearing -- and rare -- as an Olympic host that can laugh at itself.

Aww. I thought that was kinda cool.


Team USA kept as low a profile as an athletic superpower can, predicting no wins, displaying no arrogance, celebrating with class. It was a switch no one predicted: The Canadians acted more like out-there Yanks, and the Americans acted like humble Canucks. And it helped set, for these games, a graceful tone.

gehehehe it's funny when I think of it in terms of Hetalia. :D

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