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Thursday, February 25, 2010

   lol Feb 25 2010

I'm running on just one hr of sleep again.... actually it's more like 1.5 hrs, so I guess it's ok.

Ok, so I was supposed to work on my presentation for ASA, my lab, and the Engineering practice problems last night... I mean, I had more than enough time but I got distracted by facebook, fanfiction.net, and the Olympics. I really want a US-Canada rematch in the men's Olympics.

Yeah, so I did half of the lab, half of the presentation, and none of the practice problems. I still have to catch up on my reading for ASA... I haven't been reading for 5 weeks now? lol. I dunno. I feel so bad. And I still have to do the FAFSA...

Did that sound like I was complaining? Cuz I totally was not. haha

I think starting right now, I'll just say "haha" instead of "lol." yea. haha

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