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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10, 2010
I'm supposed to be doing my math homework... instead, I learned about anti-Americanism in Canada. They really like poking fun at America, apparently. Again, I was thinking in terms of Hetalia. I like the North American bros, so I was kinda shocked at how passive-aggressive the real country of Canada really is.

Anti-American defines Canada:
Woe Canada
The problem is that the opposite is true. We couldn't be happier that Barack Obama is not only choosing Canada for his first official visit, but that he knows we even exist at all. Since he does, he might also know that, generally speaking, we love him. What he probably doesn't know is why.


He is the view looking north from the United States at the peaceful, cute, idiotic little neighbour, boasting proudly of nothing at all. He is also the mythical "Canadian" the humble, internationalist, inclusive, sensible law-abider that Canadians have convinced ourselves that we are. However, the most important persona is missing: that of the anti-American Canadian, which is now a bit of a problem.


In fact, our anti-Americanism is one of the only common threads of Canadian identity that runs, unbroken, from Confederation to the very second that I'm writing these words. Most other traits - the peacekeeping, the cultural mosaic, and so on - have developed along the way. The only other aspect to share this streak is bilingualism. Needless to say, it does not unite Canadians with quite the same degree of success.

Before You Flee to Canada, Can We Talk?

Canadians often use three metaphors to portray their relationship with the United States. They describe Canada as "sleeping with an elephant." Even when the elephant is at rest, they worry that it may suddenly roll over and crush them. They refer to the U.S.-Canadian border as "the longest one-way mirror in the world" -- Canadians peer closely at Americans, trying to make sense of their every move, while the United States sees only its own reflection. Finally, they liken Canada to a gawky teenage girl with a hopeless crush on the handsome and popular boy next door. You know, the one who doesn't even know she exists.

Heh, I didn't know Canada was so attentive towards America.

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