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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Down with the Sickness.
Sorry,I didn't update for a few days.I was a little sick.First day I was gonna update but then I got and Uber(I like that word,it's German for super)Headache.It hurt to even think!I also and a horrible stomach and I had a fever for 4 or 5 days.

Yesterday there was a bank robbery in a town called shelbyville,not too far from where I live.Anthony and I actually got really close to the robber and we were there when the chase started.He and the cops pursuing him went past us towards the school.When he got behind the school he crashed twice then he ditched the bike in a cornfield near by.When he ditched the bike he did one of the worst things he could have done,HE LEFT THE MONEY!!!Come on,what was he thinking,well nothing apparently.The cops were out looking for him till four o'clock in the morning and the still didn't catch the guy!They had most of the cops in the county looking for him,how could they miss him.

Oh and you guys should visit "ku ma gume girl",shes pretty cool.Not alot of people visit her site so I thought I'd recommend her to you guys.

Random Question:*insert random question here*.

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