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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back from band camp....We had our concert
on Saturday, My friend got the guitar part for jazz
band (i couldn't try out because i don't own an
electric guitar) and she used her dad's guitar
(he has like 3). I was holding it and playing on it
while the symphonic band was warming up and
stuff and I saw my mom so I went to go say hi to
her. She was ordering a dvd they make every year,
When it comes in I'll have to tell u about it, but my friend's
dad was just coming in and I didn't know who he was
but he was giving me a weird look because I was holding
his guitar. He came up and asked me where Kristy was
(my friend) and I was like, "oh.....She's over there....I'm just
keeping her guitar strap warm...." I gave him a weird grin and
I just felt like an idiot.....he probably thought I was retarded.
Ne ways, the food was awesome, but on the second day
the cheer leaders came. They have all kinds of camps going
to that college, but the only time you see the other people is
when you go to lunch. two of my friend, Kyle and Jaykob, said
that the cheerleaders were hot, and my other friends and I
just stared at them and joked with them at lunch every day.....
My friend told me a long while ago that they're 4 groups of people:

Band Nerds (that's me!)
Ork Dorks (orchestra)
Choir Liars (no offense to anyone)
Cheer Queers (again, no offense to anyone)

Ne ways, I had fun, did i mention the food was good? I
ended up going swimming because my mom bought me
a bathing suit and said i'd better go simming or she'd do
something horrible to me. In my music appreciation
class we listend and talked about music like Bach, Hayden,
and Wolfgang Amedaeus Mozart (I didn't know his full
name until now and our teacher made it very clear that it's
pronounced 'mot-zart' with a 't'. We had a piano and the
teacher found out I could play piano and asked me to play
something for them (there were only 5 people in that class)
but I said no, and a 7th grader from my school named John
said he wanted to play and he only new 2 songs, The Rugrats,
and Super Mario, I love both of those, it was fun.....

on Friday and Saturday there was a huge thunder storm 2
nights in a row, and the power went out both times!!!! on Friday
I was watching a movie that I had already seen so that
didn't bother me much, but on Saturday the power turned
off right when Naruto came on, THE NEW EPISODE!!!! AND
I MISSED IT!!!! The power didn't come back for like 5 HOURS!!!
! It cut off right when.....I think it was the Hokage who asked
Anko..... But anyways, someone asked Anko about Kabuto's
background and she didn't even say 2 words, 2 WORDS!!!
and the power flickerd out for 5 HOURS!!!! I missed Naruto,
One Peice, IGPX, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist(even though
I've already seen tat episode like 3 times), and Eureka 7....
Could someone tell me what happend?!?!?!? PLEASE?!?!

That's all I can say right now, I would write more but My
computer is very messed up and I'll try to visit everyone's site......
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