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Saturday, May 6, 2006

   Medieval Times ROCKS!!!
I went to Medieval Times for my eighth grade trip at school. It was really cool. I had to go to school at 6:00 in the morning and board these charter buses. They were really cool, and comfortable. I sat by my friend, Angela, (she got the window seat and I hate her for it) and my friends Nicole and Rachel sat in front of us. At medieval times all the girls and some of my teachers were jealous because my group got the green knight, he looked like Orlando Bloom Jr., he was soo hot!!! and he looked good in his outfit.

And all the guys that went to my school were lined up in the lobby/gift shop area around the princess (she was one of those gorgeous blonde hair blue eye types with a skinny barbie doll figure) and they were taking pictures, talking to her and, yeah, basically flirting with her. It was funny to see all of them over there.

At medieval times there are six kingdoms and a knight from each kingdom participates in a tournament to celebrate the end of some kind of war or something, but the kings' brother was murdered during that, so it's kind of in his honor too, i can't remember the names of the knights, but i know the colors:
The Red Knight
The Blue Knight <--(the second Hottest, flirted with my science teacher)

The Green Knight <--(mine, the HOTTEST)
The Yellow Knight
The Red and Yellow Knight
The Black and White Knight

All the people and characters there had those deep Medieval voices and accents, you know what i'm talking about, and their outfits and the decor was really cool!! It was awesome!

When some of the knights would win a sport (they did sports and stuff for the beginning entertainment) the princess would drop them flowers from the balcony and they would go to their sections (everyone sat at a different section the same color as their knight) and they would kiss a flower and toss it to someone in their audiences, all the girls were jumping up and trying to catch one ( i didn't get one, i tried though, he looked right at me too :( )and my science teacher Mrs. Welch got one from her knight, the red and yellow knight, and the blue knight was flirting with her( he winked at her and blew her several kisses) that was really funny.

When they jousted on horses sometimes they fell off and they would fight with swords and axes and stuff and sparks would come flying off their weapons and they would kick and stab eachother, (but it was fake, they did it really dramatically and you could really tell they were acting) but i had a lot of fun.

The knight who originally won was the black and white knight. When he kneeled down to be knighted for the tournament, he took his long blonde hair out of its pony tail and shook it like he was a super model or something and all the girls went crazy; they started cheering louder and waved their flags frantically (I have to admit, i was one of them ^_^;;)

But then the dude hosting the tournament stabbed him in his chest and tried to take over the kingdom. The three monks helping with the knighting cerimony threw off their cloaks and had on matching black and red outfits, (they were his minions) duh. Then the king wanted to have his head for betraying him (and we all knew this was coming because the great wizard, Cedric, fortold the future during the entertainment part and told us we were doomed and the murdered ghost of the kings' brother was trying to warn us that the traitor that killed him was within the knights realm, and there was a big arguement over that because the king kept insisting that all his knights were loyal to him and that the idea was perposturous) and all the remaining knights of the tournament went to capture him.

In the end, he was captured and the king asked his guests (that would be us :) )what should happen to him, should he live, or die? every one booed and gave a thumbs down and yelled "die! die!" or "death!!" or "Kill him!!' and so on, so this cool executioner dude came out with a huge axe and cracked a whip at him all the way back through the entry way (they didn't execute him in front of us, which is a real shame :) )

The food was great too. They gave us bread, a potatoe, a cookie, two rounds of pepsi, and a whole half of a chicken!!! You had to eat with your hands though, but I didn't mind.

Most of the time it was really dark and misty and very cool. The horses did cool tricks, and there were cool lights, and mist, and a falcon...

A lot of awesome stuff happend at medieval times, There were also a lot of sports and entertainment that the knights did for us before they fought. You should see if you could go to one. The plot and everything is basically the same at a local Medieval Times location near you. ^_^

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