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Monday, July 21, 2008

ARRGHH! I'm so stressed!! and I don't know why!! *cries* Gah.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I got a car!! It's a used chevy malibu. Me and my sister have to share! It was so dirty inside, there was mud everywhere in the backseat and i don't know what in the cup holder. But it'll do for going to and from school and places.

T.T I think i'm angry but I don't know what at...It's my dad's birthday...i hate him. But I guess I shouldn't be so hateful...

I'm obsessed with Hana Kimi right now!! I switch animes everynow and then, about once a month or two. this month it's Hana Kimi! I can't stop reading it!! I read alot of manga online at onemanga.com =p My favorite characters so far are Nakatsu, Kayashima, Umeda Sensei and Himejima!

I still haven't found out how to work TheOtaku. What is a world??? T.T is it like a blog deal?? I am so confused!

I've been feeling really down lately, i've been having alot of flash backs. I can't wait for band camp to start, then maybe i'll be too busy to think. But if I don't start practicing now it'll be embarassing when I have trouble playing the music cause I haven't done it in a while. I finally checked out an instrument from the school!! (they were being cleaned) But my house is so small I can't fit the case in my room. It's weged in between my bed, closet, and dresser. It takes up the whole bedroom floor just to open the case and get it out. (I play teh tuba) =3 I need to work on meh buzzing skills too.

Why am I so bothered?!?! Ugh! I'm driving myself crazy! I also feel really fat, and i've been exercising and watching what I eat, but I haven't lost any weight at all!!

I guess i'm being moody or something. =)

Have a nice week!! =D

P.S. I cosplayed as Buggy, My sis was Luffy
Cinema Bizarre-lovesongs (they kill me) - Cinema bizarre

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