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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Woot! I got 3rd place in the cosplay contest!!! (out of 4) I was also on the front page of the newspaper with my friend, but they got my name wrong. They corrected it the next day, but then they got the anime wrong, lol. They called it "One Place". There were alot of good cosplayers there. The first place winner was a Kilala from Inuyasha. She made the whole thing Herself (with the help of a friend)! But I thought it looked like she bought it in an expensive costume shop. It was really good. and furry =D I went as Buggy the Clown, and my friends went as Nami, and Luffy <---(my sis) from One piece. I also had 2 friends that went as Kyo from Fruits basket and Yu-Gi-Oh. It was fun.

*sigh* there's an art contest coming up, and the deadline to enter is tomorrow. If I don't draw anything today, I guess I wont enter...I don't know what to draw tho...

My dad woke me up at 6 AM to mow the lawn. 6 in the morning!!! The neighbors hate me now, and I was really tired, I almost chopped off my feet several times cause I was still asleep, but I got $20! =p

I kinda want to enter the art contest, but I don't know what to draw!! I won first place last time, but my mom made me.

=p I guess that's it for today. Still haven't found a car >=p grrr. I won't be able to drive until i'm 20 *sobs*

Have a nice day =)

Picture, me and my twin sis (Buggy the Clown and Monkey D. Luffy) My puppy Elliot is in the corner lol:
Cinema Bizarre-lovesongs (they kill me) - Cinema bizarre

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