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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hey y'all! I got a 94 on my light bulb speech, wow. I don't know how that happend. Summer school ended for me yesterday. =D i'm free!!! Until band camp starts ^^;. The last day my old clarinet section leader came up to me (she's so nice, i think she's section leader again this year) and congratulated me for making second band in tuba even though i've only been playing the tuba for about 6 months. She called me a traitor but congratulated me anyways, lol. =)

I was at a friends house the other day and I got on MyO to check my account and stuff. My layout looked a lot different and messed up than it does on my computer. I guess my computer is messed up or something so I apologize if it looks like a 4 year old put it together. I can't tell the difference with this computer. @_@;

I've started drawing!! Hopefully i'll put up more pictures soon. My sister is (supposed to be) drawing a manga/comic book and going to sell it at school. I think it'll be cool....if she ever gets started on it. She has until August when school starts. She's supposed to have most of it done by then....

Lol, our puppy just burried a dog biscut in the couch cushions. He did that with a bone in our dad's chair once. It was halarious when he came home and sat on it. =p

I'm still working on my cosplay costume. I need pants, a sash, face paint, shoes and we have but not completed everything else (hat, shirt, cape, gloves etc). For my cape we died a white fluffy bath robe neon orange (lol)It was made for a man, but when I tried it on the sleeves came up to the middle of my fore arm. T.T my mom called me a freak. It's okay tho, cause Buggy doesn't put his arms in his sleeves >=)

Not much has happend besides my grandpa giving us $3,000 towards our first car =D i'm so happy, i can't wait to go look at cars and start driving.

Anything interesting happening in your summer?? Mine's boring. No planned vacation, no nothing. Just trying to wake up before 2 so I don't turn my being lazy into a habbit.

I got tagged by Magnus Lensherr (I actually tagged myself, im just blaming it on them =p) So i'm doing this: (u can skip it if u want)

Birthday: February 28th, 1992
Birthplace: (name of town) Abilene
Hair: down to my shoulders and brown, it's layered and I kind of have bangs....i need a trim
Height: 6 feet! Ima freak
Tattoos:None, and i'm not sure i would want one
Righty/lefty: Righty
First sport: dodge ball??
First Pet: dog...i think, either that or a gold fish we had that didn't last a week T.T
First love: never had a "first love" i think
Favorite movie: Right now it's Howl's moving castle =D
Favorite colors: Purple and green!!...and red...blue....i like alot
Favorite band: Cinema Bizarre
Favorite song: Pina Colladas! by....i think Jimmy Buffet
Favorte restaurant: Catfish Corner (they have chicken fried bacon =p) yummy
Favorite store: idk...Ross i guess (they have cheap stuff)
Currently Admire: Anime?? Idk...
Currently thinking: "I need to work out more" lol
Future:kids: Depends on the future and my mood. Sometimes I want a life, and sometimes I feel like i'd do better on my own
Future:living: I want a nice house. Idk where, i'll probably stay in Texas
Future:car: One that works =p
Future:guy: I have no idea, lol neither would they if they got involved with me =p
Ever:cried when someone died: My dog, and yes I probably would cry when my friends die T.T
Ever:cheated on a test: Yes, once or twice in middle school. But never in high school. High school counts more
Ever:faked being sick to get out of a test: Not out of a test, no
Believe in:'god': Yes
Believe in:ghosts: Yes, I think there is one living in my bathroom. They come and go every now and then
Believe in:aliens: Yeah, who doesn't??

Tag, you're it. Muwhaha now you have to do it (you don't really have too, if u dont, ur a loser) >=p

Oh, and if any of you know how (or care to explain) how to put music on a profile (either it's really hard or i'm just not that computer savy) let me know =) please

Have a nice day!
Cinema Bizarre-lovesongs (they kill me) - Cinema bizarre

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