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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey, What's up peoples? I have to do another speech for summer school. This time im doing it on Flourescent Light Bulbs.....interesting.

I just found out that I made 2nd band at my school!! we have a 1st (wind symphony) 2nd (symphonic) and 3rd (concert) band. I'm in the middle! I wonder if I could move myself up to 1st band in the middle of the year....hmm...

We got 2 new freshmen so that is a total of 6 tubas this year! I can't wait for school to start, I say that now but i'm going to hate it when it starts. I must be pretty bored.

I saw a musical the other day Called Jekyll and Hyde (the musical) it was pretty good. I like artsy theater, plays and stuff like that =p

I can't find out how to put a song on my profile >=( grrr, it's making me angry....

I have to work on my costume, I'm entering a Cosplay Contest in my town in a couple weeks. I'm going as Buggy The Clown from One Piece. (nobody likes him T.T) It's weird, but It'd be fun. I bet we might have a maximum of 10 people show up. It's pretty small, it'll be at our public library, lol. What will the librarians thing when they see weirdly dressed cosplayers with cardboard swords and hats walk in up to the second floor? Lol

*sigh* I guess i'll go research light bulbs ttyl =)
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