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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

   It's been FOREVER!!!
I miss you all!!!! All of the 2 people that visit my site! T.T I haven't been on for almost a year!! What's up? Did anyone miss me? Probably no....

But it's driving me crazy, Does my bg show up?? Because I updated my profile and everything, but it won't show up! It's just all white >=I It's supposed to be an awesome picture of Gaara

So much has happend since I've been gone!

Oh! My mom made me enter an anime art contest because my sister was doing it too, and took one of my sketches and entered it in the contest. I was so mad! I didn't want to go (out of laziness) but she made me, and it won first place!! I had stopped drawing for a while so it was an old one. I put it on here a long time ago, it's titled "Momiji!!" I think....
Cinema Bizarre-lovesongs (they kill me) - Cinema bizarre

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