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Thursday, November 8, 2007

ok sorry no pic im to stupid to figure out how to put pics anyway on wit the result u got

sasuke and itachi is ur bro (go u u got the sheringun or however u spell it)

ur friend is naruto
your bff is gaara
the person u hate the most is sakura
your crush:...u don have one
your fave weapon nothing
you name is tamera
what the naruto people think of u

naruto-she just like sasuke me= of course idiot she is his sis
sakura-i hate her ..buti dont know y
inner sakura- she scares the hell outa me

sasuke-....do i have to answer such a stupid answer
me-yes idiot
sasuke-what did u just call me looser
me-i called u an idiot
sasuke-ur soo in for it now

kiba-shes sooo scary my dog doesnt even set foot near her

hinata-she is scary at times but is sometimes cool

me-ok then no comment i guess 4 u from shino

ino-she is well...idk..
chouji-she is scary i think ill go now
shikamaru-she is troublesome
me-ok then

gaara-she is awsome *ahem* she is my friend u know

temari-i think she is cool its nice to see Gaara with a friend to hang out with

kankuro-she he is uhhhh nice
me-what havent u herd almost every1 says she is scary
kankuro-so i think she is cool

the whole sound teem doesnít know u sooo yea

now the akatsuke (im only asking diedara,sasori,and itachi and zetsu)

diedara-she is cold like itachi im surprised she hasnt joined the akatsuki yet yeah

sasori-go away u lil pest
me-....u suck
me-o.0 ok then

itachi-...my sis oh shes cool..altho i dontknow her and diedara how do u know my sister?

diedara-i was talking on msn and she made me cry

itachi-o.0..ok then -_-

zetsu-oh itachis sis well no comment
zetsu-i dont wonna answer u
me-answer me or ill eat u
zetsu-wtf ur just a pesky lil girl
me-*bares wolf fangs* watch it buddy im a werewolf
zetsu-o.0 ok then

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