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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

birthday thingy??

What does your birthday say about you?

You are a Libra!Constellation: LibraZodiac Symbol: ScalesPlanet: VenusElement: AirBest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, AquariusBest for Marriage and Relationships: AriesDay: FridayColor: IndigoFlowers: Rose, Hydrangeas, CosmosMetal: QuicksilverNumbers: 6, 9Gemstones: Peridot, Agate, Coral, Jade, Smokey Quartz, Emerald, Carnelian, ChiastoliteOther Famous Libras: Mickey Mantle, Julie Andrews, John Lennon, Charlie Brown, Ray Charles, Angie Dickenson, Jesse Jackson, Michael Douglas, Johnny Mathis, Sigourney WeaverYour need for balance and harmony can produce a unique state of equilibrium, or a chaotic searching for order--for that opposite quality that can straighten out the scales. You crave comfort in the sense that you want no confrontation, no pressure, no argument. To be truly happy, you need peace within friendships. Thus, this makes you a very diplomatic individual, capable of quelling the storms in others, while tactful of the diversity among different relationships. Your worst fault is indecision. You don't want to hurt people. You also have a difficulty with loneliness, which causes you many times to seek out friendships. Occasionally, laziness and relaxation are associated with this sign. Nonetheless, your peaceful nature makes you a good listener, yet you can also be romantic and charming when you want to. You are naturally easygoing and sociable, yet you always achieve your opposite--idealistic yet realistic, diplomatic yet gullible, flirtatious, yet sometimes resentful. This is the core of your being--the scales--forever achieving a balance between two opposing forces. Ruled by Venus, like the Taurus, you are attracted to luxury. You love taking bubble baths, relaxing in silk, or drinking a vintage Merlot. You are a true romantic, and more important to you than anything is a one-on-one relationship or partnership. You work hard to get this, although sometimes you provoke arguments when involved. You are extremely generous, but you need to guard against trading your generosity for love and affection. You like earning money to support your lifestyle, yet you are very secretive about finances and private matters. You waver between being the spender or the miser, with a tendency to save but also an enjoyment of spending within your set limits. Work is not the most important thing on your list of priorities, although you enjoy your colleagues and prefer to work in harmony with your surroundings. Anything in isolation does not agree with you, and you enjoy travelling and exploring, whether across the globe or in your own mind. You dislike fussy people (watch out, Virgos), or slave drivers, or anyone disrupting harmony. You may be interested in fashion, beauty, cosmetics, in keeping with your Venusian influence. However, you may also be attracted to the armed services, or law--you have the executive or legal mind. Your acuteness and sensitivity make you good editors, musicians, accountants or teachers. On the surface you are all sweetness and diplomacy, which masks an iron fist. You do not relish change. It takes more than a village to become who you are. Because Librans see the beginning of the fall season, their birthday is often the turning point of some event. This is the 'union' or marriage sign of the zodiac, a moving away from the 'me' consciousness and becoming the 'we.' This rite of passage occurs when the balance between appearance or personality is meted with the inner world, or soul. Only through the influence of Venus, or love, is this possible. A Libra friend is very outgoing, a good listener, interested in hearing about your day. Above all, she has a strong sense of justice, and wants to please everyone. This tendency to please can be a negative trait, causing the loss of integrity. If Saturn is exalted here, a Libran may have difficulty being generous. He or she also has a tendency to stay too long with the parents, due to a strong identification with mother. In some cases, if not corrected, this could cause deep-seated resentment towards a situation from long ago. Librans tend to fall into three categories: decisive, indecisive, or seeking harmony for its own sake. Typical Librans seek to mediate or balance, creating a democratic and fair atmosphere. He or she loves beauty in all its forms, whether literature, art, classical music, opera, math or the human body. They value being team players, and enjoy debating, not arguing. They are good at tactful suggestion, and are mostly courteous, amiable, never pushovers. They avoid anything crude or vulgar, and what causes them to hesitate can lead to indecisiveness. On the other extreme, they may lose themselves to pleasure or hedonism. A mature Libran needs to guard against these two extremes, and work on perfecting the mind with balance and discretion. Because Librans are sociable, the are compatible with most signs, especially Leos and Sagittarius, while a water sign such as Cancer might offer more fluidity of emotion that the Librans lack. They have an innate ability to see all sides of an issue. On the religious front, your balanced scales make you a seeker of human duality within divine unity--the balance between flesh and spirit. You seek the perfect equilibrium, which you may find in organized religion, or some other type of community or family. Although you are heavily influenced by the warmth of Venus and her tendency towards art, culture and attractiveness, you are also cold-hearted due to your desire for balance. You look cooly on affairs of the heart, thinking with your head and not your heart. Unlike your fiery opposite, the Ram (Aries), you are not combative or a fighter. You also tend not to be a leader. You seek compassionate detachment, and a relationship with people that is both distant yet caring, intimate yet unreachable. Your challenge is to look within yourself and follow your own advice, rather than tending towards others. Sometimes, your insecurity expresses itself in your friendships, constantly asking how they are. This makes you popular, as everybody wants to know your balanced advice. They also like to be amused by your acerbic wit. Your glyph is the symbol of the setting sun, and is connected to the past. You see this duality in constantly trying to connect the present to the future, and the past, by admiring old traditions, cultures and the family. For you, beauty is a means to an end. Whenever the scales are imbalanced, you want to balance them, especially if it is some kind of social injustice. You seek the yin within the yang, and enjoy playing devil's advocate--as long as you are still accepted. Never do you want to start an argument, but achieve balance and harmony through your sense of knowing that there is always another side. This gives you an ability to recognize wisdom, and to present peace when others are busy fighting.
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