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Welcome! ^^
Mitsuyubi!I am known as the Ookami Miko,commonly known as Kai.You may call me by such.
One thing you must know about me is that I love anime.It's my anti-drug.
Favorite anime include Death Note,Trinity Blood,Full Moon,Ninja Nonsense,Inuyasha,FullMetel Alchemist,Bleach,Naruto,Wolf's Rain,and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann .
I am currently 13 and proud of it.POWER OF THE YOUTH!!Er..yes.

My name means the Wolf Maiden,because I LOVE wolfs and am a maiden ^-^
I can be a little stupid and nutty,but I'm perfectly normal(almost XD).
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Arigatou furenzu!

Friday, February 22, 2008

   You know something?
It's that Kaia-chan is a lazy little thing.She won't get off her buttock and work for once!
>.> Geez,It has been at least a month or two since I moved to this site and I still haven't surely moved in yet.
Sometime tomorrow or today,I'll been working on my site and the preperations.But til than,I'll keep you entertained with some random facts about me:

1.I'm the club founder of the MAF at my school.(Misunderstood Anime Freaks >.>)
2.Death Note is my current obsession anime wise.I love you Mikami!
3.I love to cosplay!I'm Mikami Teru and Itachi Uchiha in our cosplay group at school.
4.My ipod is sadly filled with more country music than anything TT^TT.Like Rascal Flatts,Shania Twain,Dixie Chicks,Taylor Swift,ect.
5.I develop crushs on guys irregularly.Boys,beware yourself!
6.I know how to speak in German,Italian,Latin and Japanese xP

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is she still alive?*pokes Kaia wit a stick* >.>
I've been very bored lately.Someone please come talk/RP with Kaia!*wags tail*

Oh,right!I gots a new account on FF.net!So I might leave Quizilla...maybe..*cough*Well,if it wasn't for the fact that one of my best friends lives on Quizilla,I would've deleted that account monthes ago.

//Guess what?!\\

I have a new crush >///> His name is Mica...and he's almost completely like Naruto...>/////<


*runs off to write about Mica in diary*

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is Kaia,happly to report from my new account!
I'll be using this one more,hopefully.I couldn't get on it for a while 'cause I forgot the password *_*
But anyways!
Oooooh!You guys just might get lucky!
Currently,I'm working on a new manga,and I do believe it's a good one.
It's called Sea Haven,and since it is fairly new,anyone is open to work on it with me.(Although,I just might stick with my old editors,Kitsu-sempai and Tsuda-chan)
Hmm...anything else?Oh yes!!
I started reading some new(or new to me >.>)manga.
Love Hina and another I can't think of at this second...*sweatdrop* Love Hina made me laugh.Poor Keitaro,seeing he gets all the worst.So far,Su and Naru are my favorite chracters XD Su is so random!

Well...*looks at clock* Seems it's time for me to shut up!I gotta do freakin' math homework >.>; Bleh...xP

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