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Saturday, June 17, 2006

oookk, so last night, Friday night, I worked at a Gamestop. Gamestop decided they wanted to have EB empolyees and Gamestop employees switch places for a day, so I went. And, you know, it wasn't all bad. It actually reminded me of another gamestore that I used to work at...it was great, I was told I had an excellent work ethic and everything...so, I got a great review!

It amazes me...some people...working at a game store I have a lot of kids that come into it. I see a lot (we're talking A LOT!!) of kid/parent interactions...I see soo many situations that are just upsetting.

A little girl, I am sure she had downs syndrome, walked into one of our racks and knocked over the games on that rack...ok...no harm no foul, nothing was broken and it wasn't a big deal at all...her father yells at her and slaps at her a little bit, yells at her for like 5 minutes, and when he leaves the store he's still yelling at her.

A little boy ran into our store, his big brother was playing the 360 we have hooked up...his dad come and grabs the little boy...using his ears!!! his dad drags him from our store by his ear, I'm not kidding, by his EAR! and the little boy is crying and saying it hurts...

A mom comes in and buys her kid anything and everything he wanted. She spent almost four hundred dollars on games and stuff for him...

it amazes me. these are just a few things that have happened. I almost started crying for one kid, and I was so angry at one parent for what they did to another. There are so many parents who abuse their kids, both physically and in other ways, like spoiling them. I see these situations and I never, ever, want to treat any kids I may have. Is it just the people who come into my store? or are a lot of people like this? I don't understand. I mean, I realize families aren't always great, but still...I don't know, it's just upsetting.

Thanks for listening.

Thank you and good night.


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