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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Ok...soooo tired!!

Here's my brief opinions on the latest (fairly) movies...

Stay Alive-
I thought it had great potential and, though it didn't live up to that potential, it was a good movie. I enjoyed it, and laughed with my friends at all the girls who came into the theaters and ended up screaming...it was actually really funny, the entire theater laughed at one point because almost every girl in there screamed.
I had problems with the ending as it didn't really make sense with what had happened just before it...wasn't really thought through...still, I enjoyed it.

Silent Hill-
AWESOME!!!!! This movie was great!! This isn't a movie anyone screamed in, though a few people (myself included) jumped at a certain part...it was great ^.^ I never played the video game...heh..I tried Silent Hill 4 but had to turn that one off...freaked me out to see that stupid face on the wall...but this movie was better than I could have expected. You could tell there was CG but it was still great! and there wasn't a lot of blood (if that matters to you..) until the end...and then it came...it was great!! GO SEE IT!!!! the whole feeling that comes from the movie is the scary fun part...but there is not scream part in this movie but it is GREAT!!

This movie was sooooo funny!!! My friend and I were laughing the entire movie through!! It was absolutely great!! A must see if you like romantic comedies!!! So good!

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children-
SOOOO GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!! Even if you have never played the game this is a great movie!! The best part, in my opinion, was when the entire team helps to throw Cloud up into the air!!! it was sooo good!! excellent graphics!! very life-like

And there you go, my thoughts on these movies...

That's all for now, just work and stuff like that!

Thank you and good night!


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