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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Yay for spring break!! and for cutting all your hair off! I saw that diet coke commercial where the lady goes and gets a guy's haircut and I was thinking...that is very cool...so I went and got a haircut..not as extreme as her's but it is very short and spunky! I love it..and I have gotten so many complements telling me i looked older and my age...I really like this style..it's very spunky and interesting..and short...sooooo cool!!!

Now I'm going to go to the library...always a fun place to visit...seriously...I just have to finish watching the Brave Little Toaster...an awesome movie I watched when i was little...still very cool!

You all have a safe week, and if it's your spring break be careful if you travel..

thank you and goodnight.


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