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Monday, February 20, 2006

Yes, you should all be proud..(WARNING: may contain offensive language)
Finally talked with my roommate and it went surprisingly well. She said she would talk with him, and I was dumb enough to believe her. Two days later, making it Friday, I came back home after class and saw her boyfriend there without her. I went upstairs and asked if she was there and he said she was...did he think I was stupid? Her car wasn't there!! I know for a fact she wasn't there! I went in my room, planning on eating and then coming up with some question to go ask her to show him I knew he was lying. Before I could even get halfway through my lunch though he said he was leaving, then quickly left.

Then, later, after I had just gotten off of work, and it had been a really busy day and I was so tired, I pulled up and saw his car there again without her car in the lot. And he was outside. So I started walking to the stairs and suddenly he was like, "Hey, you may not like me but at least I cleaned up your mess and dishes." I HAD ALL I COULD DO NOT TO LAUGH!!!! I said, "Dude, all those dishes in that sink were yours." and he was like, "Oh, really?"

So began up the stairs and he followed, sounding all mad, and said "Why don't you like me?" and I replied, "You walked into my apartment without knocking!" and he said, "Well, how was i supposed to know you were half naked?"

PAUSE: I was putting some clothes in the washer and was wearing sweatpants and a spagetti string, I was not half naked, but the shirt was a little lowcut, and my other roommate (the one who wasn't in a relationship with this guy, I have two roommates) was making her dinner in the kitchen with a t-shirt on and her knickers).

And I turned around and said "Dude, it's my fucking apartment!" and man did he go off from there. Stomped into the apartment, leaving the door open, saying, "Try to be fucking nice and it doesn't fucking work!...I'll get my fucking stuff and leave" then I heard him slamming things in the kitchen, and then say "I left my key in her room, lock your own fucking door....bitch!" So I went to the front door, tried to slam it and then locked it.

So yes, that went very well. Now I'm waiting for his girlfriend, my roommate, to charge in and be a...well...there's been enough cussing in this post.

On a happy note, I colored my hair ^.^ It's now red...was blonde...but not it's a very pretty red..and I love it..oh, and thrift stores rock! I don't know how many of you shop there occasionally, but you can get such awesome stuff there. I got a cordarroy (sp?) blazer for 7 dollars, and I saw a similar one in a regular store for 62.49. It is truly a great place to shop!!

Thank you and goodnight!


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