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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thanks to everyone for showing support ^.~ The managers are all trying to talk to cooperate...so here hoping they're willing to change the rule about the inventory...the one I have the most problem with...so I wait patiently with bated breath ^.~

Congrats to Dark Pheonix on her 13,000 hits, that's awesome!!

here are a couple of interesting tips I've learned about England so far.

1. There are no street names outside of the cities. In order to find a place you must ask a local...heh, and do it in a certain way. We, as Americans, tend to be more direct, going right up to people and saying, "Can you tell me how to get..."
They, on the other hand, have a more indirect approach, saying, "Excuse me, I'm sorry, I believe I'm lost. Would you mind tell me how to get..."
The only names, outside of the city that is, are the names of houses, though they seem like they're street names (i.e. Brooks Crossing)...that's not the tricky part, though. The worst part is that there are no numbers on the houses...meaning, when you finally find the area you're getting at, the only way to find the house is to, surprise surprise, ask a local, using the correct approach previously mentioned. Heh, for those who are good at using landmarks to find places this country is for you.

2. An American (and of course other nationalities) are allowed to keep their driver's license for one year. After that time you must go and get a British driver's permit. After an appropriate time (I can't remember the exact length) you can go to take the test for your license. I would like to point out that very VERY few Americans actually pass this on the first couple of tries...don't feel bad though, apparently 42% of Brits fail the test as well. Learning to drive on the opposite side of the road, learning to yeild correctly and watching out for on-coming cars going 50-70 miles an hour takes practice...but apparently it's pretty quick to adapt to...it's just the test is really hard.

So there you go, the lastest tips I've learned about England...

Thank you and goodnight!


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