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Monday, January 23, 2006

ok...last time I rant...I promise...
Ok, as I said not too long ago, I work at a videogame store, EB Games to be specific. Now, some of you may know that Gamestop just bought EB Games... well, the owner of EB needed the money or something so he sold out to Gamestop when EB's stock was double what Gamestop's was going for...take that as you will...and you know, I was pretty much ok with it, I mean, we now get a 30% discount at Barnes and Nobles and we get to borrow out games...pretty cool I must admitt.

We were told, until recently, that the changes would be minor, simply changing of the skew numbers and inventory management...stuff like that, no big deal. Well, last night we recieved an email telling us more of the "minor" changes we would be undergoing.They are as follows:

1. Schedule is no longer done at the store. All scheduling will now be done at headquarters...meaning I have to work when they tell me to work...forget the fact that I have school...so now, I have to try to work around their schedule and find a coworker who can cover the times I'm in school...and I'm not the only one who has a problem with that..almost everyone is going to school or is working a second job.

2. (This one irritates me the most!) Only the manager and the assistant manager now have access to the inventory. This means that if a customer comes up and asks if we have a game we won't be able to tell...unless, by some chance there is either the manager or assistant manager on duty... which won't be much of the time. This is the one that makes the least amount of sense as it complicates matters for the customer and the worker.


3. We are now assigned registers instead of anyone using either one. This is a little irritating. I can understand the whole making us honest theory (though I would like to point out that we have never had any problems with the register or coming up short). This means that if three people are working, one is on break and there are two people left with the line out the door (which actually happens a lot..you'd be surprised) only one worker is able to work a register...again..doesn't work with a games store.

So, there you are...my little rant...I had to get that off my chest...sorry..I know, I complain a lot, but it's very upsetting...of course, I'm not one who does well with change to begin with...but there you are.

Thank you and goodnight!


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