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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Original X-box or X-box 360
Ok, I work at a game store and over the christmas holidays I have sold a few 360s...as many as my store could get their hands on, in fact. We also have one mounted in our store, open for anyone to play.

I must admit that I find the new look very sleek and absolutely stylish..the Mac of the gaming world, as I saw one magazine put it. The graphics are also quite intense.

That said, I find the overall demand for one to be a little bit over the top. Yes, it is a nice system, with awesome graphics, but it ends there. This is the first generation, which, based on past experiences (i.e. PS2), people should know, always tend to suck. There are some, yes, who get good systems right off the bat. Many, however, do not get so lucky, as one of my coworkers found out, much to his dismay. And Live (according to Petie) is the main reason to get a 360..ok, but see the game part.

Now lets talk games. There are a few good games out, yes, but popular titles on the original X-box, such as Madden 06, actually suck on the new 360 because the game was rushed. Now, one excellent reason to get the 360 is because of one little game known by DOA 4 (Dead of Alive 4). I will admitt, that one title makes it tempting, I realize this, however, think about it. There are very few titles out on the 360 right now, the same problem as with the PSP, so why not wait? There will be more, and they will get better, don't get mad at your local gamers for not having the system.

I personally love my origianl xbox, it is my baby. One day, yes, I will probably get a 360, I just don't see the rush right now. My X-box can do basically everything the new 360 can. It can connect to the internet and can do Live...I just can't justify spending 400 dollars on a system, because buying the 300 dollar one is just a waste of money..it really it.

Which leads to another point. The great thing about the Original X-box, the thing that made is SO special and unique, was the fact that it had a hard drive. No other system had that, the thing was basically a computer for video games. Now they're offering one with and one without the hard drive...that is completely against the whole X-box greatness!

Now, I know some of you love your new 360, and to you I say congrats on getting one, they're hard to find right now. To those of you who are like me, and prefer their original, let me say more power to you! Keep on keeping on! ^.~

Now, to those of you who prefer PS2...let me say, that while the x-box is my baby, and I will always love it and prefer it, I must also say that I do love my PS2 as well. It is actually right up there with the x-box....def not in graphics, but because you don't need a dvd playback kit to watch movies, like you do with the x-box. Ok, that's kinda all the PS2 has going for it..but hey, at least I mentioned it.

And there you are, the ramblings of a tired video game store clerk.

Thank you and goodnight!

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