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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I haven't posted in a while so I'll hint on important things that have happened to me lately.

Hmm...End of Year Exams have been and gone, I'm happy they're over. For the rest of the year, I just have to go back to school on one day, December 2.

On Monday, which was when I had my last two exams, I think I was so happy that I stayed up the WHOLE NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEPING, THEN I STAYED UP THROUGH THE REST OF THE DAY (Yesterday) I was so tired last night though so I fell asleep really fast. It's SUCH a Personal Record and Achievement, because I NEVER stay up really late. Though I have to thank ^.^ for being with me over MSN, we talked through the whole night until he had to go to sleep, it kept me awake because it was keeping my brain thinking and working. Thanks ^.^!!!

I finally got a 'My MSN Space' because I was bored, to see it you'll have to be on my MSN list (I think).

I GOT INTO OB SURVIVOR!! I was soooo happy when I got accepted, out of 31 players, it was cut down to 18, and I'm one of them, playing as Yuna from FFX and X-2!!! I can't wait til we get into it, but for now we're waiting for 3 more players, come on Deucalion (Dante), Kitty (Sora) and Baron (Crash)!!! Thanks for accepting me Sandy!!!

I've had more driving lessons! I'm getting better, though I still can't steer for nuts, I can't keep the car straight ^__^;;; We're advancing because he's making me go further out, today we went past Winthrop.

I think that's about all the news there is...if not I'll just make another post.

Until I remember/feel like updating this,


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