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Friday, July 23, 2004

What's my family like?
I decided to update and I've been having trouble what to talk about, so I decided to talk about my family.

Well, there's me. I'm the youngest of the family and I'm always picked on. I think of myself as the anime, manga, and game freak or the one with the most video tapes and won't give them up to record something else. Mainly because they're full of anime and good movies. I have quite a temper and can be happy one minute and angry the next. Same as my brother.

He's the middle child and he has quite a temper. He loves his computer and laptop but keeps wanting to get a new one because he says it's old. We got Broadband Cable because of him, he wanted to play net games with his friends without the computer lagging. He's studying Computer Engineering.

After that is my older sister. She's studying to be a Japanese Teacher. She's had a lot of practicals(when she goes out to teach at schools) and once she even had to teach me. It was so strange to be calling my sister by our surname, with Miss at the beginning of it. She's a hard worker but has a pretty bad temper too.

Then there's my parents. They both work very hard to help us. They have their own business, repairing TVs, VCRs, Computers, Radios etc. We always get a lot of customers so we get payed if we take any customers. Pretty good. My Mom's the "secretary" but she doesn't really do secretary stuff. She does normal house stuff too. Their workshop is at our old house, where we used to live before moving to our current house. And my Dad fixes everything. He's a hard worker but he's getting old. If you walk into the area where he fixes stuff, there's lots of TVs and everything around, stacked up, either in line to fix or waiting for the person to pick it up.

Well that's about my family. Nothing much to it. We have pet fish but I'm not gonna talk about them.


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