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Saturday, September 23, 2006

   I'm a retard
I was at my uncle's house and it was dark and I was on the balcony with my friends. The screen door was closed and I forgot. I got up to go inside and ran right into the screen door. I was so embarassed but everyone laughed. So I laughed too!
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Has your computer ever signed you up for something without you knowing it? It freaking signed me up for a singles dating thing...so i blocked the site from emailing me anymore.But it was funny!
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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Did someone report my artwork of Skyler the wingless fairy? Because it's gone. I swear...I don't remember deleting it. It just kinda disappeared.Explanations?
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Friday, August 25, 2006

   my arm omg
last night i broke my arm and now its in a cast and it hurts and i cant draw and i had a really cute shota *got a prob with that?* picture i was gonna draw...
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Heh thanks everyone!
I have 608 visits and 87 guestbook entries. The last time I saw my site ranking it was in the 1,000s.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006



umm...check out the pink neko in the corner of my page! Click on it and watch it chase your cursor!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

hello!?!?Nobody comments me anymore!I love to hear people's opinions about my artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, August 4, 2006

   I'm a thief!
I got a hold of my mom's mp3 player! SHE HAS AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^*worships mother*She actually has okay taste. Except...alot of people think Avril's a poser.
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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

   my sorta cheesy story
Chap. 1

“I hate my new school. I hate my new house. I hate my new traditions.”
Karen complained.
“Me too…”
Kyra responded lightly.

They opened the door to their house, looking rather upset. But they weren’t upset anymore when they saw two laptops on the stairs, with their names on them. Kyra and Karen screamed together. Karen picked hers up and turned it on.
“It even has high speed internet!”
Hearing this, Kyra immediately turned hers on. At first she was confused at how Karen had spoke in English. Then she realized, it was complete with a translator.
“It even has a translator!”
Their life was complete, or so they thought.

Kyra rushed up to her room, her heart pounding. She opened up Internet Explorer and immediately was amazed. There was a Google search bar, a list of Spanish websites already set up in her favorites, and there was also another site, it didn’t seem familiar. It was called Telekinesis and Magic for the Undiscovered. Kyra was a little freaked out. She clicked on the link, her whole hand shaking.

Meanwhile, Karen was browsing the Spanish sites. There were recipes and geography, even suggestions for translating Spanish to English without a translator. What really caught her attention however, was the same site Kyra was on. She saw many things where you could test your psychic abilities. But what drew her attention most was a Telekinesis handbook.

Kyra gazed at the amazing things she could do. There were many articles about the different powers of the mind. What Kyra really wanted to do was learn Telepathy. There was an article on that, too. She went straight to it.

Karen read through the handbook and mastered the state of mind easily. Even though the article said it could take months of practice, she mastered it in less than ten minutes. She was rather proud of herself, having mastered an extremely hard ability. Maybe I should try it out…
Karen thought. She looked around her bedroom, trying to find an object to practice with. My pillow! Of course!
It was the perfect idea.

Kyra went through the Telepathy article. She mastered Telepathy as quick as Karen mastered Telekinesis. Karen was already gifted with Telepathy, as Kyra was gifted with Telekinesis. She tried to contact Karen with a message from her mind.

Suddenly, Karen heard Kyra’s voice. Kyra? You learned Telepathy?
Karen asked her from her mind. Kyra responded matter-of-factly. Karen told Kyra all about her learning Telekinesis. They were proud for each other.

When the conversation ended, Karen went back to her pillow predicament. She concentrated on the energy in the pillow, felt the equality. The pillow started to float. Come toward me…
Karen beckoned in her head. It came straight toward her, hitting her in the face.
She yelled out, giggling. Karen decided to test her powers some more. She turned her lamp on, without getting up. Can I make a copy of myself?
She wondered. Karen focused her energy and, soon enough, there was someone standing next to her, that sort of looked like her. I have to go over every single detail to get this right.
She thought of the skin tone, the texture of her clothes, her hair, her voice, her expression, and finally the muscles inside. It was perfect! Karen made her clone speak, move around, close her eyes, and even tie up her hair in a ribbon.

Kyra couldn’t find a good use for her power, so she went on to discover more. She saw an article about magic. Reading it thoroughly, it said, “Those who are gifted with such grand power will be forced on a journey to save the alternate world.”
Kyra immediately contacted Karen with her Telepathy. Karen rushed into the room, her clone (now her best friend), trailing behind.
“Let’s practice!”
They exclaimed in unison. Kyra managed to turn her hair to a beautiful silver. It went down to her waist and was in a braid. Karen turned her hair to bright pink. She turned her clone’s eyes to rainbow.
“We are gifted…”
Kyra whispered.

Suddenly, there was a huge ray of light, and a deep voice: “Finally, someone worthy of this quest. Only one of you will survive, but you will both be heroines.”

They were sucked into the ray of light. As they traveled upward, Karen grabbed their laptops with her Telekinesis.
“Trust me. We’ll need these.”
There was suddenly darkness.
They landed hard on the ground. There was a lake near them. The grass was a beautiful, bright, spring green. Birds chirped and trees were motionless.
“This…can’t be…”
Kyra gasped.
She stood up, her legs were shaking. They were suddenly speaking in English tongues. Karen got up, tripping over her shoelaces. Their laptops were lying beside them.
Chap. 2

Kyra scrambled to the laptops. They managed to stay in perfect condition. She turned around to see Karen concentrating.
“What’s wrong?”
“My clone…poofed…”
But Karen was already creating another one. She seemed deep in thought, so Kyra didn’t bother her. When Karen was finished, Kyra realized something else.
“I want to go exploring. I’ll be right back ok?”
Karen ignored her, but just nodded her head. There was a thick forest nearby. Maybe Kyra was going to find help. Karen watched her trot off, heading for the great unknown.

Kyra finally reached a cabin. It wasn’t a normal cabin however, it was a giant mushroom! She approached it and knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again, this time a little harder. She heard footsteps approaching. Kyra suddenly became nervous. Many awful thoughts ran through her mind. The doorknob turned. She jumped.
A boy who looked like he couldn’t be much older than her answered.
“Oh. Hi. I was sent here by some random person because I am-“
She was interrupted.
“It’s the one. You’re the one!”
“I’m not the only one. My sister is here with me. Follow me!”
Kyra beckoned for him to come.

Karen was starting to get impatient. Did she dare go find Kyra? No…Kyra is a very loyal and responsible person.
She was still worried about her. Her clone watched Karen with concern.
“Don’t look at me like that!”
She was becoming aggravated. There was a mountain nearby. Maybe there will be help over there…
Karen thought. She grabbed her clone’s arm and dashed to the mountain. She tried climbing it, but it was no use. She kept slipping and stumbling. Finally, Karen gave up. She was able to get back to the main area just in time. There was an avalanche of rocks.

The boy introduced himself as Hachiro. He told her about how the Prophecy has finally been fulfilled.
“I’ve never felt more important! The whole alternate world, in the hands of two young girls…”
Kyra felt like she couldn’t trust anyone or anything anymore.
Obviously, Hachiro sensed this.
“Don’t get all worked up about this. You’ll be just fine.”
Kyra still seemed unsure. She could sense that his aura was different. He wasn’t human.
“You’re not human.”
The words slipped out before she could even stop herself.
Hachiro’s face hardened.
“You can sense my aura?”
“Can’t everyone sense auras?”
Kyra looked away. She felt as if she hurt his feelings.
“I’m sorry…”
She apologized, feeling guilty.
“No…It’s not a problem. Don’t feel so guilty about it. And you’re right. I’m not human. I’m an elf. AND I’m actually over FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OLD!”
Kyra’s face turned blank.
“I never met someone so old!”
“That’s because you never were in the alternate world.”
Hachiro was turning out to be a very friendly person.
“But…I was…in my dream…”
Kyra muttered under her breath. He didn’t hear this.

Karen was starting to get really worried. She tried to contact her, but Kyra just said not to bother her.

“Well, are you going to follow me?”
“Oh yes of course! Lead the way…”
Kyra grabbed his hand and ran at top speed towards the main area.

Karen saw Kyra running back to her. But it wasn’t just Kyra. She had someone else with her. Who is that…
Karen wondered. However, she was sure Kyra would explain everything. Finally, she had reached Karen.
She was panting. The boy looked around.
“I’ve never been outside the forest before…It’s amazing!”
There was a silent moment, while they all exchanged glances. Karen was the first to speak:
“Hi….Kyra’s new friend…”
“My name is Hachiro.”
Hachiro…that name sounds familiar…
Karen thought. Kyra was being uncomfortably quiet.
“This is awkward. Anyways, where to?”
Finally, Kyra spoke. Even before she said these words, she was already trotting off toward the lake.

Hachiro watched her.
“What are you doing?”
He asked Kyra. She did not respond. She seemed to be peering into the lake.
Kyra was thinking.
“What? What do you see?”
Hachiro questioned.
“What is this, Hachiro? Is it some kind of magical barrier?”
He approached it for a closer look.
“Oh I’ve heard about these before!”
“Well, tell me everything you know!”
Hachiro inspected the lake carefully.
“It’s nothing to worry about…yet…”
Kyra started to get worried. She turned around to see that Karen was climbing a tree.
“Hey guys! Look at this! It’s a fruit tree! AND there is a little house inside it!”

Karen climbed higher into the tree. Her clone was gone, it had gotten annoying. She used her magic to part the leaves and branches. Karen got closer to the house. It actually wasn’t that little. In fact, it was…
It started to fill the tree up.
“Help! The house is getting bigger!”
Hachiro started to climb up, trying to save Karen.

Kyra was all alone.

Chap. 3

After that big event, it started to get dark. The sun was going down, and it illuminated the lake. At that moment, everyone saw it. It wasn’t a magical barrier, it was a human being!

Hachiro’s expression hardened. He dashed for the lake, with his small dagger ready to attack.
A voice cried out from the lake.

“I am Aiko.”
A mystical voice said.
“I have come to aid you on your quest.”
Everyone gaped in awe. They didn’t have the courage to say anything. The spirit seemed so dignified.
“Please, don’t hurt me. I haven’t done anything to harm you, have I?”
That made Hachiro think. Maybe she could help us, for a little bit. Then it’s up to one of us to fulfill the prophecy.
“Okay. We will let you join our party. But I won’t let my guard down.”
Hachiro put his dagger away. Aiko smiled a distant smile. Her smile seemed to be filled with a lost, tragic past.

It was dark by now. Karen was kneeling down by a heap of wood in the middle of the field. She was lighting the wood with Telekinesis. Kyra was busy getting drinking water from the lake. Aiko was sitting in a tree, meditating. And Hachiro was stabbing a large rock with his dagger.
Karen was first to speak.
“The fire is ready.”
Everyone came and sat around the fire. Crickets chirped around them.
Aiko was dozing off.

Before she knew it, Kyra was off in dream land. But it wasn’t exactly a nice dream. She dreamt about their upcoming quest, how many treacherous situations they would be in.

Karen woke up sweating.
Karen crawled over and shook Kyra awake.
“Kyra. I had… a prophetic dream… It was about our party. Someone is going to die. But not for good.”
When Kyra heard the word die, she jolted up.
“We have to do everything possible to prevent this!”
Karen nodded her head in agreement, and crawled back over to her resting spot.

Finally, it was morning. The fire had burned out, and birds were chirping. The day was calm, but Kyra and Karen’s hearts were storms of emotion. Hachiro had still not awakened. Aiko appeared as if out of nowhere. Her face had a mystical, distant expression. She shook Hachiro playfully.
“Wake up, you lazy bum!”
Hachiro opened his eyes slowly, but started when he saw Aiko bending over him. She giggled.
Karen created a mirror and designed the perfect outfit. A brown miniskirt decorated with fresh green leaves and a green tank top. Karen wore wooden strappy shoes, as well. Her hair was short and blond today.
Kyra designed suede pants that were a little long, with a simple white t shirt. She wore white sandals. Kyra’s hair was mid length and light brown.

Hachiro still looked disheveled. Aiko knelt down beside Hachiro and used a spell to straighten him out.
“There. That should make you look a little better.”
Aiko stressed the word little, while trying not to laugh. Kyra was already off, exploring the surrounding area. Aiko stood by the lake, daydreaming.

Kyra found herself attracted to a huge rock formation. She could sense the minerals limestone and granite.
“Hey! Someone come over here and check this rock out!”
Hachiro came running over to it.
“I sense anti-magical power within this. Be careful.”
He hit the rock with his small dagger. It trembled, obviously weak.

Karen ran over to them.
“Hachiro, does Aiko normally stand by the lake, all, possessed like?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
Karen had started to realize that Hachiro didn’t take anything seriously.
Kyra rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what Karen was thinking.
“One of you two, try putting your hand on that slab over there.”
Aiko appeared out of nowhere.
Karen reached out first.
Nothing happened.
“Kyra, you try.”
Kyra put her hand on the slab. The rock formation next to it started to move, revealing a staircase. Kyra heard an evil laugh, and she felt herself tumbling down the stairs.
“I’m sorry, Kyra.”
The voice was distant.
It was….Hachiro?!?
Kyra reached out, trying to grab someone’s hand. But no one was there.
You are
She heard the same voice that was heard before she found herself in this fantasy world.
The absolute chosen. Nothing will change this. You have but one chance to save your sister.
Kyra was afraid to yell for help.
Suddenly, she stopped, obviously at the bottom of the staircase.
She rolled into a wall, hitting her head.
The voices of her friends and sister could be heard.

Chap. 4

They were scrambling down the stairs, feeling around for Kyra.
“I’m over here…”
She didn’t feel right. Kyra was aware that her sister had a slim chance of living in the end.
She saw Hachiro first.
Karen tumbled right into him, followed by Aiko.
“Oh! Kyra! You’re okay!”
Aiko strode up to her.
“Of course I am…”
“Are you feeling okay, Kyra?”
Hachiro had a concerned expression on his face.
She knew that he knew about the voice.

Karen felt an odd emotion. An emotion of being left out, left behind in the darkness.
Karen knew too.

Aiko seemed oblivious, but she was the one that knew the most. She was the one that had the choice of who would be “It.”

Hachiro finally broke the silence.
“Let’s look around. We’re here, aren’t we? There has to be a reason for this room.”
“Yeah, unless it’s a dream”
Karen replied, wishing it was a dream. She was going to die, unless Kyra had the heart of the valiant.

It was already noon, so the group decided to head back.
Hachiro raced them there, trying to keep Kyra and Karen from thinking about the heavy burden to come.

When they got back, it was almost midnight. Kyra was already half-asleep. But for some reason, Karen wasn’t tired at all. She was… energetic? Odd…I’m almost never hyper…
She tried her hardest to ignore it. Karen walked over to the lake, and created a miniature water show, with her psychic abilities, of course. It seemed very calming, but Karen was aware that she herself wasn’t calm.
Kyra had very strange dreams. She dreamed of her adventures that day, what could have happened, and about… Hachiro?

Hachiro jolted awake. He was nervous about the adventure.

Kyra felt a sudden energy jolt surge through her. Something was not right. She awoke very quickly, and saw that Karen wasn’t by the fire. She was by the lake.
Kyra whispered.
“Yeah. I know.”
She saw Hachiro getting up and walking toward Karen. Kyra followed, stat.
No answer.
Kyra was getting worried.
Karen turned around. Her eyes seemed to have fire in them.
Kyra heard Hachiro curse under his breath. Karen swung at them. She seemed to have grown long, pointed claws.
Thinking quickly, Kyra sprouted large, bright wings. She grabbed Hachiro’s arm.
“This situation is dangerous. I can sense it.”
Kyra was right. Karen grew large, dragon wings.
“Karen! Who are you?!?”
Hachiro and Kyra cried simultaneously. Looking down, Kyra saw a small shadow running across the field. No, two small shadows!
“Who are they? Hachiro, do you know them?”
Hachiro had no time to answer, it was too dangerous to stay in one place. Kyra flew away, still holding onto Hachiro’s arm.
The shadows below called out. Kyra and Hachiro floated gently down.
It was Aiko, and two other people.
“These are my friends.”
Aiko stated.
The two people introduced themselves as Hiroshi and Misaki. Misaki waved, smiling at them.
“Look out.”
Aiko stated firmly. Karen was charging for them!
Misaki created a large force field to protect them.
“You- you’re magical too?”
Kyra was amazed.
“You seem surprised.”

Already Hachiro didn’t like Misaki. She seemed to be smart mouthing Kyra. Hachiro gave Misaki a dark look. Misaki glared back.
“Hey, stop it!”
Kyra cried. Misaki and Hachiro turned to face Kyra.
“I’m sorry.”
Hachiro said.
Misaki was silent.
“Misaki, now is not the time.”
Hiroshi had finally spoken.

Aiko looked up at the sky. A staircase was descending from a cloud.
“Kyra. The spirits are calling.”
Aiko said.
Everyone turned to face the staircase.
“But… what about Karen?”
Karen was heading back to the lake.
“There is no time for her. She has become dangerous. Just as the spirits said.”
Aiko said.
She started walking toward the staircase. Everyone followed. As they ascended up the stairs, Karen tagged along, unnoticed.

Misaki felt very uncomfortable, traveling with these losers was a pain. But there was something different about Hachiro. He was an odd one.
“Hey. There are a lot of stairs!”
Misaki’s idiot party member, Hiroshi, said.
“No dip.”
Misaki rolled her eyes.
At last, they reached the top of the stairs. The sun was golden as it rose up.

Kyra took her first step on the cloud.
“Wow! I’m traveling in the world of spirits!”
Kyra was amazed.
“Well, not exactly.”
Did Hiroshi have to ruin everything?
Kyra scowled at Hiroshi.
Chap. 5
“Stop, please.”
Aiko spoke up.
“I’m tired of this constant arguing.”
Hachiro agreed.
Misaki’s face reddened as she stopped completely.
“I recommend that we be on the lookout for evil.”
Aiko reminded them.
“Oh of course!”
Kyra beamed at everyone.

Sure, she has to act SO perfect.
Misaki was furious at Kyra. She always had to act so sweet.

Karen sped after the group, wanting to apologize for the performance.
Oh no. I am a horrible person.
Karen’s eyes welled with tears. Finally, she caught up with them.
She panted.
“What do you want?”
Misaki snapped.
“I- I wanted to apologize.”
Karen fell to her knees.
“Please forgive me! I promise I won’t ever do it again! I was just standing by the lake when I suddenly got the urge to attack anyone and everyone! I’m sorry!”
She was ashamed of herself.
“Okay! Welcome back Karen!”
Kyra smiled.
“It’s good to be back.”
She replied.

Misaki didn’t trust Karen at all. She exchanged glances with Hiroshi. Their faces said the same thing. Rotten traitor.

Kyra looked over at Karen, who didn’t look herself at all. Her eyes were… yellow? Then again she could be using her magic to alter her appearance. Or was it Karen at all?

*be warned this will confuse you*
Karen woke up in the middle of the day to find that her group already left. She had passed out behind the tree.
Where did everyone go?
Karen tried contacting Kyra. When Kyra wouldn’t listen, Karen decided to change her appearance completely. She would disguise herself as a lost priestess.
That’s perfect!
She felt an adrenaline rush, and immediately thought of her costume and appearance. She would wear a long, white and pink cloak. Her hair would be in an extremely long, pink, ponytail that almost touched the ground.
Now just where are they? Karen looked around. Her eyes rested on a spiral staircase ascending upwards into the clouds.
Dead giveaway.
Karen dashed up the staircase, with no time to spare.

Hachiro didn’t feel too comfortable with Karen. It was something about her aura, that didn’t seem right. Then it clicked. It wasn’t the real Karen. But he knew no one would believe him.
Should I keep my mouth shut?
That was the only question on his mind.

Karen finally reached the top of the staircase, wondering if everyone was okay. Her heart fluttered for some reason. Why was she thinking about Hachiro? Karen continued walking, trying to think the best for her friends and sister.

Kyra sighed. Was this some kind of joke? Why were Karen’s eyes yellow?

Karen finally reached the party.
“Umm…excuse me?”
Hiroshi turned around. He saw an extremely attractive priestess.
“I’m kind of lost… can I travel with you for a little while?”
Think, Karen, think.
She reminded herself mentally.
“Sure. What is your name?”
Kyra asked.
No. She did not just ask that.
“M-my name? My name is… my name is… Minako.”
Karen saved herself on that one.
*From now on, the REAL Karen will be known as Minako*
“Okay. You can travel with us. Just don’t do anything stupid.”
The fake Karen said.

Hiroshi thought Minako was very pretty. He looked over at Misaki, whose eye was twitching.
Was she…jealous?
Hiroshi wondered.
Misaki glared at Hiroshi.

Misaki could sense other people’s emotions and hear their thoughts. It was a talent that she had since she was only two, and it was a helpful quality. It had gotten her out of many sticky situations.
Misaki had always sort of liked Hiroshi. They were childhood friends. Now she was jealous of Minako, she could sense that Hiroshi liked her.

The fake Karen’s plot was going perfect. She was to interfere with Kyra’s quest, maybe even kill her.

Minako looked up. A large bird was flying right at her! Hachiro jumped in front of her, his small dagger at the ready. Minako was about to scream, but she was in too much shock.
Hachiro stabbed the bird right in its chest. But not before it scratched his arm with its talons.
“Are you okay?”
Minako panted. She knew it was getting dangerous. They were approaching the heart of the city in the sky.
“Yes. I’m fine.”
But Hachiro seemed concerned about his arm. Minako cast a healing spell on his arm, and in no time the scratch disappeared.
Wow, I didn’t know I could do that!
Minako was proud of herself.

Kyra watched Minako suspiciously.
“Hey, Karen, why haven’t you been talking?”
Minako almost blew her cover, but the fake Karen responded with:
“Oh, I’ve just been thinking.”
That was when Hachiro blurted out:
“That’s not the real Karen!”
Everyone turned to stare at him.
“She’s an imposter. An evil demon come to kill Kyra.”
“How… How did… you know?”
The fake Karen responded, before fading away.
“I’ll get you!”
Were its last words.
“Then, who is that?”
Kyra pointed to the Minako.
“I’m the real Karen. Not the fake one. I’m the one that tried to contact you.”
Minako explained.
“But you wouldn’t listen to me, so I had to find some way to come along with you.”
Kyra gaped in awe at her.
“I-I’m so sorry.”
“It’s ok.”
The real Karen responded. She changed back to her original self.
“H-hi Karen.”
Hiroshi said.
“Hmm…so this is Karen…”
Misaki said, pulling on a lock of Karen’s hair.
Chap. 6

The party finally reached the heart of the city in the sky.
“Oh, it’s so beautiful! I can see the whole land from here!”
Kyra exclaimed.
“That’s not all!”
Misaki cried.
An extremely large monster was charging at them!
Karen started to summon more magic. She conducted a powerful fire spell that knocked the monster back.
“Oh no!”
Kyra had been forced to the edge of the cloud they were on. She screamed.

Hachiro charged towards the monster, which was clawing at Kyra.
“I-I’m going to fall!”
Kyra cried.
Hachiro whacked the monster with his dagger. It winced, and moved back a few feet. That was Misaki’s cue to slash at it with her ribbons. After that, Karen conjured up another fire spell, which ended the monster’s life.
“I apologize for not being able to help!”
Kyra said.
“It’s okay.”
Hachiro said firmly.
“I’m just so glad you’re alright!”
Karen ran over to Kyra and hugged her.
“I thought you would really fall!”
“This is no time for celebration.”
Hiroshi informed.
He was right. A bright light had emitted from an even higher sky. People of all different kinds emerged from the light. Elves, centaurs, fairies, everyone!
They landed softly.
“Thank you for rescuing us.”
One centaur said.
They had restored peace to the city in the sky.
“Hey, where’s Aiko?”
Kyra blurted out.
“Over here!!!”
A distant voice shouted. Everyone ran over to the source of the voice. It was Aiko!
“I’m sorry. I made you worry. I got sidetracked and before I knew it you guys were gone! But now that Sky City is restored, we can leave. We have full access to it any time.”
Aiko informed them.
“Oh, by the way… Do you know what these are?”
Aiko held up two laptops.
“Oh, those are ours!”
Karen grabbed the laptops from her, and gave one to Kyra.
“Wow, these are amazing!”
Hachiro stared at the technological objects.
Everyone gathered around Kyra and Karen in amazement.
“Oh my, I never knew these were so amazing here!”
The twins said in amazement.
“Let’s go.”
Aiko said.
“Yeah, sure, whatever.”
Misaki responded.
A rainbow light appeared as a circle in the ground.
“This must be the exit.”
Hiroshi looked down at the light.
Aiko replied.

Everyone headed toward the light, as all the mythical creatures waved goodbye to them.

They were finally back down on the ground! Hachiro collapsed.
“Kyra, you really scared me! Don’t get so close to edges of things!”
Hachiro was acting a little… strange. Especially to Kyra.
“Okay, I get it! Why are you so over protective all of a sudden?”
She asked.
“I don’t know, I guess I just don’t want you to die.”
He responded.
“Maybe we should rest here for the night. We’re all really tired.”
Karen suggested, in a fierce attempt to shut Kyra and Hachiro up.
Everyone said.

The sun was starting to set, and Karen was exhausted. She lit the fire. Then, she had an idea!
“What does everyone think about me creating Minako again? I could just make a whole new person!”
The group stared at her like she was crazy.
“You’re kidding, right?”
Misaki almost laughed, but then she realized Karen was serious. A human body was forming right before her eyes!
Karen went through every detail. Finally, in a swirl of light, Minako was standing right next to Karen.

Misaki could have died. Karen’s power was amazing!

Kyra got up.
“Is that all you could think of?”
Kyra added more detail to Minako.
“You forgot the necklace she was wearing!”
“Picky, picky.”
Karen sighed.

Karen used her powers to control Minako.
“If you’re going to be such a show off, why not just take all of my friends!”
Kyra cried.

A single tear ran down Hachiro’s face.
Pull it together.
He reminded himself that he was not a child anymore. He hated seeing people fighting.
Kyra came over to him.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
He responded.
Kyra walked away.

Why was Kyra such an optimist? She always cares for other people and is always nice! Karen hated that.
However, she knew Kyra wouldn’t apologize for the fight until the last moment, when all was lost.
Karen looked over at Minako. She then looked at Hiroshi. He was staring at Minako.
“Can you make her talk and move?”
He asked.
“Of course, watch!”
She made Minako jump, and say “hello.”

Hiroshi thought Minako was kind of… cute. But he would never tell anyone that. He was too shy. So he kept all of his thoughts to himself. He thought of betraying his friends sometimes, but never went through with it. Hiroshi depended on his friends to help him.

Kyra was growing bored.

“Okay, back to those…things… What do they do?”
Aiko asked, pointing to the laptops.
“Oh, let me show you!”
Kyra opened up her laptop. She then remembered how she changed her desktop to a picture of her family.
“I wanna go home…”
Kyra whispered.
Kyra closed her eyes. She showed her desktop to Aiko.
“Who are they?”
She asked.
“Oh, that’s me when I was ten. And Karen was ten too, see? There’s my mom, her name is… is… OH NO I CAN’T REMEMBER HER NAME!!!”
Kyra started panicking.
“Are you… already forgetting?”
Misaki dashed over, followed by everyone else.
“Our mom’s name is Haruka… which means ‘Forgotten One.’”
Karen reminded her.
“Well, it’s getting late. Let’s go to bed.”
Hachiro recommended to everyone.
They agreed, and everyone laid down by the pile of wood that was once a fire.

Kyra woke up nice and early. There was an extra figure on the ground.
“Who the heck are you?!?”
The figure jumped up, trying to look official.
“I am the great Birdie the valiant!”
The figure saluted.
“Well, I would have had that title if I had saved my sister…”
Birdie added.
“I was only nine years old! I didn’t know how! I met my brother there, but I bet I killed him, as well…My brother’s name was Hiroshi.”
Birdie sighed.
“Whoa whoa whoa, slow down!”
Kyra cried.
“What are you talking about?”
She added.
“I was nine years old when I was chosen for The Quest. My sister was ten. She was the one chosen to die. I could have saved her, and my brother, Hiroshi, tried to help, but he didn’t know the land well, and he accidentally tripped off the cliff. He’s probably dead.”
Birdie explained, a little slower.
“Wait a minute. Did you just say Hiroshi? I know him!”
Birdie stared at her like she was crazy.
“Stop fooling around, he died 2 years ago.”
“No! It’s true! Look there! Do you recognize him?”
Kyra pointed to Hiroshi, who was sleeping innocently.
“That’s him! It’s really him!”
Birdie jumped on Hiroshi. Hiroshi screamed like a girl.
“I love doing that!”
Birdie giggled.
“Birdie? Is that you?”
Hiroshi rubbed his eyes.
“Okay, who spiked the water?”
Hiroshi looked around in disbelief.
He closed his eyes, and then opened them again.
“I get it! You don’t believe it’s really me, but it is! And if you’re alive, then you must know where Kittie is!”
“I’m sorry, but that I don’t know…”
Hachiro said.
“Oh… Is she dead?”
Birdie seemed upset.
“I already told you, I have no clue.”

”Wow Hiroshi, you’re so calm and collected!”
Kyra laughed.
“How can anyone be so relaxed?”
The others started waking up. When Karen saw Birdie, she practically died. She erupted with jealousy.
Wait, let me think this over. Why am I jealous?
But she couldn’t help but be jealous.
Karen cried.
Everyone looked over at her. Her face reddened, especially when Hiroshi looked over. When Birdie jumped off Hiroshi, he winced.

Birdie walked over to Karen, inspecting her.
“What’s wrong?”
Karen blurted.
“Ohhhh, I know! Don’t worry, I’m his sister! Wow he’s so popular with the girls, even in the alternate world!”
Karen turned red again.
She cried.
Too late.
Birdie had already gone back to Hiroshi.
“Guess what?”
She said to Hiroshi.
He looked annoyed.
“That girl with the mid-length blonde hair likes you!”
She said it just loud enough so that everyone could hear.

Karen screamed.
Stupid little brat! Someday I’ll show her! Someday!
She clenched her fists, but tears kept welling up whenever she tried to speak.
But the tears came back.
Plus, it would be bad to lie about not liking someone. So she kept her mouth shut.

Hiroshi was confused. He was sure that Karen didn’t like him, but now what? Everything was so confusing.

Kyra asked Karen if it was true. Karen nodded her head quickly, hoping no one saw.

Everyone else simply watched her.
“Wow, Karen. I never knew…”
Misaki seemed surprised.
“You’re good at hiding your emotions.”
She continued.
Karen was able to yell.
Then, she ran away.

Hiroshi got up and ran after her. Kyra and Hachiro followed. Aiko seemed confused.
“But, I do too…”
Aiko muttered.
She had forgotten how to show emotion, so she couldn’t cry. The closest she ever got to strong emotion was a smile. But this? She feared emotion would come back, and she would appear human.
“But we have to complete the next task!”
Misaki cried.

Karen ran faster and faster, trying to concentrate on recreating Minako along the way. She ran so fast that she stumbled over a branch. Kyra, Hiroshi, and Hachiro finally caught up.
“It’s okay, it’s happened before to me!”
Kyra reassured.
Hiroshi was unable to look at Karen.
Hachiro just stood there.
“Don’t be embarrassed. Here, I’ll yell my deepest, darkest secret out right now. He did. Just when Birdie came.
He yelled.
“Oooooh, who’s Kyra?”
Birdie asked.
“Oh, that’s me!”
Kyra spoke up.
But she was blushing.
Hachiro’s ears turned completely red.
Kyra ran away, surprised that she came across a new area. Was she lost? No, she couldn’t be lost. It was a portal! There were pastel colors swirling around in it. Without thinking, Kyra called out her friend’s names. They all came running, even Minako.
“I found another portal!”
Kyra exclaimed.
Everyone jumped in the portal.

Once inside, the group gasped in unison. It was like being inside a giant volcano! Misaki approached some of the magma.
“Are these…bodies?”
Karen ran over to the magma. Misaki was right, there were bodies floating in the magma.
“Hehe…this can’t be magma…the bodies would be burnt, right?”
Kyra said.
She had a point there.
“It’s blood then!”
Karen screamed.
Birdie dashed over.
“What the?”
Everyone followed her.
“This is just sick!”
Hachiro cried.

“We’ll have to get over it.”
Aiko said calmly.
Misaki nodded her head in agreement.
“Let’s go, I’m almost positive that when we fulfill the task of this world, the bodies will disappear.”
Misaki informed them.
Hiroshi had been pretty quiet. He just followed them.

Hiroshi was deep in thought. He couldn’t see him and Karen together. He kind of liked Misaki, but there was no way Misaki would date a poor elf like him. It didn’t matter anyway, that’s not what this quest was about.

Birdie played with her fingernail. It was broken. Not her fingernail, her Memory Chain. It was why she couldn’t remember what happened to Kitty and why. She wanted to slap herself in the head.

Kyra looked around.
“We’re gonna enter another room.”
She said.

Kyra was right. In the next room, there was a staircase spiraling around the room. The stairs were crumbling.
“T-this doesn’t look safe!”
Birdie whimpered, hiding behind Hiroshi.
“Do you wanna find your sister or not?!”
Misaki got up in Birdie’s face.
Birdie got scared and started to cry.
Hiroshi gave Misaki death stares. Aiko tried to break up the fight.
“Stop. Please stop! I beg of you to stop!”
She cried.
“Ugh…fine, fine.”
Misaki said.
Birdie smiled slyly. She sniffled.
“Thank you.”

She wasn’t really crying. She just did that to get attention. Birdie loved attention.

Hiroshi knew Birdie too well. He patted her on the head. He was also aware that Birdie loved attention.

“Hey, look!”
After much scavenging, Karen found what she was looking for.
“I think I have an idea.”
Karen whispered something in Kyra’s ear.
“Got it.”
Kyra responded.
Karen grabbed Minako. She gave her wings. After that, Kyra and Karen grew wings. They were large and scaly, like dragon’s wings.
“It would be best if we had short hair.”
Karen suggested.
So Minako’s hair was up in a bun, and Kyra and Karen had flirty bob cuts.
“Okay, grab a partner or two or three.”
Karen sighed.
“If only I could get Minako to act on her own.”

Karen was going to carry Misaki and Hiroshi up.
“Hey, I just remembered!”
Birdie exclaimed.
“I was once on a journey. I have the same powers!”
Birdie sprouted large, fluffy wings, and her hair was in short pigtails.
“I’ll carry someone.”

Aiko looked up.
“I can float.”
She hovered above the ground.

“Okay. I’ll take Hachiro.”
Kyra said.
Hachiro blushed a little. Kyra giggled.
“So everyone else is free. But be warned, I’m not very good at this flying thing.”
Kyra joked.
“So if you die, it’s my fault!”
“Same here.”
Karen responded.
Kyra checked around.
“Well, let’s gooooooo!”
She took off, Hachiro holding onto her arm.
Everyone else followed. They made their way up in no time. The party was confronted with another room, and an ancient inscription.
“I think I can read this!”
Aiko examined the inscription carefully.
“To find the one you seek, here is the key. Seek not, and you shall find. That’s all?”
“Well maybe we have to find clues like a key!”
Kyra said.
“So you mean, we have to look around in the next room for a key.”
Misaki questioned.
“Yes, that’s exactly what she means.”
Karen said.
Kyra led the group into the next room. She motioned for everyone to look around.
Aiko approached all the nooks and crannies, while Hachiro searched all the obvious places. Karen and Kyra scaled the walls and ceiling with their wings. Kyra’s hair was at her waist now, and Karen’s hair was in a long, golden braid. Hiroshi and Aiko searched suspicious areas.
Misaki muttered.
“There has to be some stupid answer to this.”
She continued muttering things, and swearing every so often.
Aiko conjured a spell to reveal all hidden objects.
Aiko whispered.

Hours later, Misaki finally understood.
“I got it!”
“Got what?”
Kyra, Karen, and Birdie said in unison. Birdie hadn’t searched, she was busy thinking.
“The answer stupid!”
Misaki replied.
“The key, don’t you get it? It mislead us! We can’t find anything for a reason. ‘Seek not, and you shall find?’ Ringing a bell? If we search, we won’t find what we’re looking for!”
“Wow Misaki, that was a mouthful.”
Hachiro joked.
“But, in all seriousness now, you’re right.”
He continued.
“Then let’s move along, and we’ll find what we seek!”
Birdie exclaimed.
And they did just that. They moved along to the next room, where they sort of looked, but not hard.
“I found the answer.”
Aiko said.
“More inscription. The forgotten one shall help this time. Scale the walls, but do not look. Seek not, and you shall find.”
“Hey, who did we forget?”
Birdie asked.
Karen exclaimed.
“But how will she help?”
Kyra was lost.
“Trust me, I have an idea.”
Karen conjured Minako again.

Minako flew along the walls.
“See? The seekers aren’t looking. And Minako can’t actually see.”
“Wow Karen, I always knew you had an advantage in puzzles, but I think your ego is showing now.”
Kyra said.
“Oh, shut up.”
Karen muttered.
“Well, we’ve found our answer.”
Misaki said.
“See, I told you Minako would come in handy!”
Birdie said, sounding like a snob.
“Hey, you never said that!”
Misaki cried.
She replied.
Misaki didn’t answer.
“Hey…excuse me…ummmm…look please.”
Aiko tapped everyone on the shoulder.
“The door.”
She pointed at a large wall that was separating.
Past the wall was a wall of flames. Past that wall was a…boy?
“Hey Birdie you never told us Kittie was a boy!”
Kyra cried.
“Kyra…uhhh…how do I put this: you’re an idiot.”
Birdie said.
“Kittie IS a girl!”
She continued.
“And that’s not Kittie.”
She finally finished.
Birdie was right. The boy had shaggy yet silky hair that covered his eyes. He was very thin. He wore tight black pants, with a tight black shirt. The sleeves of the shirt were fishnet. Finally, he had a spiked belt collar around his neck and his wrists.

Misaki was in love. But he would never like her and would probably go for laid back, ditzy Kyra.
Absent-mindedly, Kyra started walking towards the boy, entranced. Hachiro looked hurt. He grabbed her shoulder.
Kyra whipped around.
Thinking fast, Hachiro grabbed Kyra’s shoulders and pulled her into a kiss. She tried to pretend to fight, but couldn’t. She just relaxed as her eyes closed, and everything faded away.
“She’ll come to eventually…”
Was all she remembered Aiko saying.

Kyra woke up with the strange boy standing over her.
Kyra started to get up, but the boy gently pushed her back down.
“I am Osamu. Your friends are safe, don’t worry. I have taken them to my house, behind that flaming wall.”
Osamu explained.
He was sort of tall compared to Kyra.
“Do not be afraid.”
They sat on the ground.
“Can we go to your house now? I wanna see my friends.”
Kyra whispered.
Osamu replied.
He stood up and grabbed Kyra’s hand, walking her towards the flames.
She looked at him like he was crazy.
“Just do it.”
Together, they walked right through the wall of flames!
But her friends were not there.
A cage crashed down over her.
“Hey! Let me go!”
Kyra cried.
“You’re captured too, huh…”
A voice could be heard.
“Umm…who said that?”
Kyra asked.
Kittie responded.
If she hadn’t been trapped in a cage, she would have got up and hugged Osamu for capturing her. She found Kittie!
“The Kittie? Birdie’s sister?”
Kittie responded.
Kyra dug in the pockets of her newly created outfit. A sky blue halter top with white terrycloth shorts. She wore sky blue sandals. Her hair reached her waist and was silver. That was when she found it.
“Hmm…the slip of paper I found not too long ago…”
Kyra read it to herself.
Help me. I’m lost, a prisoner to mankind.
“What the heck!”
Kyra sighed.
She put the paper back in her pocket.
A deep sigh could be heard throughout the room.
The familiar sound of adventurer’s gear, material rubbing together as well.
“I’m here. So’s Kittie.”
She responded to the oh so familiar voice.
“Kittie? You found her?”
It was Hachiro.
Just as he pulled the cage off of Kyra, a cage crashed down on the two of them. Stuck. In a small cage. With a boy. Was what Kyra was thinking.

AND it was getting dark. Hachiro thought.
Kyra yawned. Hachiro yawned soon after.
Kyra drifted off to sleep, involuntarily. Just dozing off, she muttered (probably not knowing it):
“One day you will come to me and ask: ‘What’s more important: your life or mine?’ I will say ‘mine’ and you will walk away never knowing you are my life…”
Then she started snoring.
Hachiro couldn’t sleep. He was tired, but didn’t feel like resting. So he watched Kyra sleep.
Soon, he started to drift off to sleep. However, he was awoken by a loud snore. He started.
It wasn’t Kyra, and it wasn’t the boy that had snatched Kyra away…. It was…Kittie!

Kittie’s snore had even woken up Kittie herself.
“Hehe sorry guys!”
Kittie giggled.
How was she aware that Hachiro was here, too?

The next day, the three of them made an attempt to escape. They achieved their goal. It was mostly Kyra, who used her mind powers to destroy everything in sight.
“Wow, Kyra. And why didn’t you think of this earlier?”
Kittie asked.
“That’s the thing. I wasn’t thinking.”
Kyra giggled.
Hachiro put his arm around Kyra’s shoulder. He could feel her tense up.
“I was kinda…”
“Say it.”
Kyra teased.
“Sayyy ittt.”
She tried again.
“You were jealous!”
Kyra got tired of waiting and ducked out from arm’s reach, running.
“Where is everyone?”
Kittie turned to look at Hachiro, walking backward.
Great, another Kyra.
Hachiro thought.
“Not here.”
He stated bluntly.
“Well, obviously, but you should know, right?”
Kyra appeared again.
Kittie and Kyra exchanged glances, seeming to share thoughts.
Before long, they became twins! The only difference was the height.
Short golden hair, violet tube top, white schoolgirl style skirt, and black sandals to match.
Then they started to…sing.
“Be quiet.”
Hachiro tried to shut them up.
Kyra and Kittie looked up at him.
“Grow up.”
He said, annoyed.
“Aww, maybe it’s just you who grew up too fast!”
Kittie teased.
Hachiro pulled out his tiny dagger.
“Oh, Hachiro, you know it’s not nice to hit a girl!”
Kyra said, materializing a giant sword.
“I know. Who said I had to be nice?”
“Well you’ll have to catch me first!”
Kyra sprouted tiny poofy wings, and flew up.
“Watch out! You’ll hit your head!”
Kittie warned her, jumping upwards, swatting at thin air.
“No I won’t.”
Kyra had already somehow appeared down on the ground again.

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I made this up off the top of my head. Its cheesy, just read it.

Even in the loudest of places, I still hear your voice. Deep inside of me, your heart beats well. But your death has shattered my soul. And with a shattered soul, a heart has no meaning. So without a soul and heart, I am death.

Remember this, for I have no effect on your life. Your life, which I have claimed. All the departed souls, I have claimed. I am death.

Even as I speak, I claim the hearts and souls, calling them mine. I do not mean to do this. It is my way of saying I love you. I am death.

Without me, you would be no one. I am death.

Please, do not forget me. Do not forget the effect I placed on your life. Do not forget the mark I imprinted in you. The mark of love. Don't you love me back? I am death.

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