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Sunday, March 4, 2007

   ...Hello?! -echo, echo, echo-
Anyone there?
-echo, echo, echo-
I still post artwork here you know!
-here you know, here you know, you know-
Fine...leave me here alone!
-here alone, here alone, alone-

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

   Fruits Basket -I spiked the punch-
I just had to make the title more interesting...So I said I spiked the punch! It's more fun when my peepz are drunk.

Okay, here's why I made this post about Fruits Basket. I'm going to complain about this "shoujo" manga. And how much I hate it. And how much I despise it. And how Tohru is ew.
And here's the real reason. I wanted to listen to some Smash Mouth songs, so I went to YouTube, instinctly. I looked up the song "I'm a Believer" and I clicked on a random AMV.
It was Fruits Basket. So I thought,
"Hm, it's about Kyo."
So after watching it for a bit, I saw Tohru. And all those "loveh" parts of the anime with Kyo and Tohru. Ugh. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but alot of the males in Fruits Basket are TOO nice to her...ne? And Tohru is a clueless little ditz. Dumbshit.
And, because I have no life, I'm sitting here in my pajama bottoms and random shirt updating my emo journal. Anyone know a good site that sells lives?

So, as I was saying. This relates to my last post about almost all of the manga I've seen. It's hard to find a good, action manga. Everything is shoujo lately.
Has anyone read some of the "Initial D" volumes? If you have, can you tell me if you liked it and what it's about? A classmate read it but I don't feel like asking him because...Why do you care?

Back to Fruits Basket. And why I hate it. Well, it's hard to put into words. If I knew you in real life, you'd understand better.

Wow, the song I'm listening to describes me right now..."I'm a Believer." But obviously I don't like a girl...like...that. So, feel free to stop by and leave a comment!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Did this work?

Okay it worked! This place is great! Sign up, okay?

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

   Gaia Online
Hah, I was resting in my bed, staring at the ceiling. And then I got to thinking about Gaia Online. I could be classified as one of the "richer" users there. And I'm thinking back to when I thought I'd never have all that. I was what you could consider a "Newbie." And now, here I am, getting three and four private messages asking for donations every day. And don't even get me started on the botting messages!

So, has anyone heard of Gaia Online? What's your username there? Are you poor, middle class, or rich?

By the way, I'm going to update my art soon, so be on the lookout!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

   The Otaku is changing
Well, if you're a member of DeviantART, you'll know what I mean. In the past three or so months, the otaku has made quite a few changes. It now has the same functions as DeviantART. Pretty soon we'll be getting our private message inboxes flooded with updates on our friends' profiles. I have become extremely confused with the portfolio system. I logged on to the otaku today, and this is exactly what I said:
"What the hell is happening to the otaku?! Is this for better, or for worse?"
And now I've started to wonder. I feel like a newbie again. And now all I have to say is:
"Stop changing the otaku!"

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

   An update on my emotastic life
Well I haven't posted in a while. So I thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive and drawing...reluctantly, of course. I've started to HATE manga. Okay, now I'm going to rant. So if you're going to flame me for ranting about this, go away. Don't even try it. So...Well almost ALL of the manga I've read has something to do with young brats falling in love. I DON'T find it cute. I hate how manga sugar-coats life to make it look okay. It's worse than Disney! "And they all friggin' lived happifrigginly after." And I know basically all manga has love of some sort. Or it's all about a princess or some kind of gifted goddess. And where ever she goes people are like "Omigawd it's the friggin' princess! Omigawd she's SO beautiful!" Well here's a call to reality: Not everyone is PERFECT.

I don't like the theme of manga at all. I wish there was just ONE series out there that had to do with a NORMAL life. About school and angst and getting through problems the REAL way. But noooo~, manga makes everything look sugar-coated. Even the nerds are pretty for godsake.

I know...I know....I draw in manga. But that doesn't mean I MUST like every single manga out there! I just need something...NOT girly freu freu princess saving crap. I don't want something completely directed at a male audience, either. I just want something...Normal. Do you catch my drift?

I could sit here for hours and hours and go on about this. But....I don't have that much time. So now I'm going to rant about something else...MORE MANGA! My friend was pissed at me for not liking Kamichama Karin. I hate the storyline and the utter...cuteness. It's not even that, it's just...well...I guess the storyline. I can't even type anymore.

I have midterms coming up that I'm SO not ready for. And...it doesn't help that I have a chip on my shoulder in which I can't remove. I've been moody to everyone. Well...That's my life in a nut shell. Talk to ya' later everyone!

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Monday, January 8, 2007

MY ART WAS FEATURED!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! Now I wonder...How did it get featured? I'm so happy I just spazzed out in the middle of a school building. YAY! Yay for Sakura Haruno
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Sunday, January 7, 2007

I just recently received this comment on my picture of Sakura Haruno:
OKAY...this sucks! ur a lose for wasting your time on drawing Sakura!!! the the fuck! dont you have a life! oviously not...the picture says it all. and what the heel is with the strike! couldnt you have not done the striek and spent more time on the drawing...the dress isnt even colored!! get a life. cartoons are SOO over rated. it seems all they are about is boobs sex and prn..oh and friendship.
how corny would you give up you freedom or life for a stupid friend..i dont think so.
point is...you picture sucks ass.
It made me burst out crying. Can someone tell me what made this person do this? If you want a link to the picture that was commented on then here:

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Friday, January 5, 2007

   I AM THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Holy crap! I'm sooo~ mad! The littlest things irritate me to no end. This one girl, she's a grade below me, and she's trying to draw JUST LIKE ME! SHE COPIES ME AND EVERYTHING! And everyone goes in awe over her drawings. She has no talent for that stuff! Of course--I don't want to hurt her feelings, so I tell her they're good and cute and stuff. But deep inside, it hurts. Not alot of people like my drawings. Oh well. I've been so irritated by those around me. Mostly my best friends...I don't know why. And LilyAnora, if you're reading this, it's just...You hang out with you-know-who too much. I don't really have any time to talk to anyone, so when I get out of school today, I wouldn't shut up. I can't help it!! I spoke to no one. Just me, myself, and I. So, yeahhhhhh.
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Thursday, January 4, 2007

   Drama li'l MaMa
Watashi no Kami-sama! What's with everyone lately?! Wherever I go there's drama. 'Specially on the net. People don't like the music I do, they think it's nerdy. So the one song is sung by a gay guy? Get over it. Wow, this is alot like a LiveJournal...-is haunted by teh emo song-
Omigawd I've been drawingg~! And I drew a really cute picture of Shugo from .Hack//Legend of the Twilight. My friend thinks it looks professional, but I don't. All my drawings SUCK!!! And it sucks when you draw and you have your friggin' school principal telling you you have 'Natural Talent.' I don't really like it when people notice my art. I like to give others a chance to shine!
This is the only place where I can really get my emotions out. Nobody else listens and I don't want to tell my mom. I don't like my mom.
So hopefully I'll have my Shugo sketch up tonight and maybe a few others as a surprise! I've been having an awful time at school and drawing is my only way out. It's my life. And I hate it when someone criticizes my life. So please, nothing too hurtful. Wow. I use "..." and emotes so much it's hard not to use them! But I want my posts to look more sophisticated.
I've been begging my mom to take me for ice cream, and she FINALLY took me to the ice cream parlor. I was like "Watashi no Kami-sama!" I am led to believe that means My god in Japanese. Well anyways, that's enough for now. I'm out!

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