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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

3 new poems i wrote last night enjoy!
what have you done#1

what have you done to me?
A black cloud of blackness as feelings
Once we drank of bliss,
glad-hearted and hand in hand,
but your desire soured.
A vengful throng of memory-
drops of blood follow rain, follow pain
love burnt to ashes.
In a haze of tears
I see you

What have you done#2

what have you done?
A shadow of betrayal as emotions
Once we enjoyed heaven,
innocent and untainted,
but you desire soured.
a clouded pool of blood-
tears follow pain, follow blood.
Love forgotten
In a rush of tears
I condemn you

Dark love (this is a poem about vampires i guess)

It is a night of dark desire, a song of blood,
Wolves vent their pain. the eternal one
Night shrouds her deathly form,
an eternal fear.
Her midnight hair cascades over
pale shoulders, and her
full blood red lips part slightly to
taste the
red tears streaming from the pale flesh beneath
Now a night of ectasy,
I smile vaguely.

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