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Friday, October 15, 2010

Well wow I keep forgetting i have this! Anway with news My great grandpa died last month he was 101 years old and im still haveing a hard time accepting that i won't get to see him next year when i go and visit my family in new york (state). Umm lets see i'll be moving out of my parents home in the begining of January, its become way to much to handle staying with them, Ive been doing alright other then those major changes.
I am happy to say that i have dropped two pant and shirt sizes which, is a big accomplishement for me. Hmm i've written more story's as well as oneshots that are requested from others, which isn't all that easy to do since my muse likes to dissappear on me! Other then that i guess its been going alright how bout the rest of you guys?

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