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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

   My otaku has changed
Wow its been a long time since i have actually been on here like this! lol well so much has happened i graduated high school last may and am now in college. i have now written more then 10 stories though not all of them are finished sadly but im working on it! I cut off my extremly long hair and had it layered to my shoulders and dyed red and black. I have have had many issues with my friends and right now one is in the hospital because she tried to kill herself, my cousin on my moms side died three days ago and im waiting for the phone call that tells me my great gandpa is dead as well (he's 100) not really good things to be waiting for. T.T
And i am going to an anime con this friday!!! WOO!! SABOTEN CON!!! im excited i can't wait! anyway thats about it!
How are you all doing?

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