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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

hey whats up everyone...... i am in a bad mood i have family issues and stuff. my mom called me a slut yesterday because of a shirt i was wearing! it pisses me off and then i.......... i told know i am having alot of issues right now!

anyway how are you all doing oh yeah i wrote some more poems and i will post one right now hold on............

poem starts here

Eternal Snow bleeding in hatred and darkness. 3-2-07

Snow white, pure, untainted, white snow.
But there is a place a single place where the snow has been tainted by the impure
Thick blood that spills from my wounds
I call it Eternal snow bleeding in hatred and darkness
The darkness surrounds as the blood falls forever staining the pure and killing the untainted
Tainting everything it can, my blood turns black as I lean into a single tree and fall to the ground light headed
Eternal snow bleeding in hatred and darkness
I used to be like the eternal pure and untainted white snow
But I changed when I learned how cruel the world and its people were
I soon learned to hate and to love being swallowed up by the darkness
Eternal snow bleeding in hatred and darkness
Sitting here my eyes roam the and I wish that I was still pure even though it is not possible
To feel human again, to know, to be able to feel again but it is not possible I am to afraid to let the shield I hold fall down, to afraid to feel once again, to love
Eternal snow bleeding in hatred and darkness
If I hadnít been easily fooled, or so blissfully naÔve I would still be pure
But I am not and as I sit here I lose my desire and I realize I have no need to be pure
No one needs someone who taints all that is pure
The blood has dried on the snow black, the wounds slowly stopping as the blood is almost drained from my body.
I want to become the eternal snow
I will always be surrounded by snow
I look for the last time my tainted snow
My Eternal snow bleeding in hatred and darkness.
My eyes close forever.

and there it is tell me what ya think!

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