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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

loop=infinite>Anime's Music Codes
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michevious kiss inuyasha!
Anime's Music Codes
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

this is chapters 2 and 3!!!
Ok hello again this is chapter three we are moving along! Anyway I would really like some people to review! Anyway I want to know out of these 5 characters who you guys think is hotter ok the choses are Hotori, Yuki, Kyo, Akito, Or Haru. Hehehehe tell me what you think hmmmm I am a personal fan of all of them but well now here is chapter three enjoy!

Chapter 3 – conversations

Man she is scary though Kyo

“Ok then why don’t Yoshi and Momo sit together right in the front” said a very disturbed teacher. “Rin why don’t you take a seat next to

Tohru Honda and Nuriko take a seat next to Yuki Souma. Will you two please raise your hands?” asked the teacher and with that Yuki

and Tohru raised there hands. “ hmmmm I don’t really know where you can sit but I have been meaning to move someone Kyo get up

and move next to Hanajima now if you please and Nurika you can have his seat.” “Why the hell do I have to move next to wave girl!”

shouted Kyo “cause I said now do it please.” Nurika walked over to where Kyo was sitting and said “I believe that you are in my seat

move now or I will result to moving you myself.” “As if you could I’m not scared of you.” Said Kyo with that Nurika sighed and grabbed

Kyo by the scruff of his shirt and dragged him over to the seat he was assigned every one in class looked with a look of shock that

Nurika had done that all that is except for Rin and Nurika’s3 sisters. “Now sit down and shut up!” said a very angry Nurika. She turned

and sat down at her new desk and looked out side but not before Rin caught her eye with a look that said why. The morning went by

normally except for the appearance of Rin and the others. At lunch Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru met up with Haru and Momiji to tell them the

news. “What Rin is here at this school you have to be kidding Yuki and please don’t lie to me you know how I feel about Rin!” said a

very shocked Haru. “I have no reason to lie and if you don’t believe me then come see for yourself she is right over there.” Said Yuki.

The group look down from the school roof to see Rin and Nurika sitting together talking really seriously. “Hey who is the girl with the

really long black hair I think I have seen her around the main house.” Said Momiji “Oh her that’s Nurika she just got here she came with

Rin and 3 others who she says are her sisters.” Said Kyo “really cool what are her sister’s names?” asked a curious Momiji “I think that

they said there names were Yoshi, Nuriko, and Momo.” Said Tohru “ wait did you say that you have seen her at the main house

Momiji?” asked Yuki “ yup she is always with Akito laughing and hanging over him with love in her eyes but I don’t stay for long I always

feel that she knows and I hear this voice that says to go away and I think it is hers oh and before I forget I fell down once and hurt myself

and she came up and helped me but when I touched that band on her arm the black one she jerked back as if I had hurt her it freaked me

out.” Said Momiji. “Hmmmm lets go talk to them come on” said Haru the group walked off the roof and went to where Rin and Nurika sat talking about what had just happened.

“Why did you do that Nurika you could have been sent to the office.” Said Rin “who cares Rin look the guy pissed me off so I acted

upon not that it was smart but it mad me mad.” Said Nurika “look Nurika I don’t want you to get hurt by Akito is that such a bad thing I

mean I don’t even know why you care so much what he thinks of you!” said Rin “well hmm let me think Rin I owe him a lot and oh lover

boy is coming over here sorry to change the subject on you but look.” Said Nurika Rin looks over in the direction that Nurika was

looking. “Damn what the hell!” said Rin. At that time yuki and the others had arrived to where the two dwelled. “ so what are you lady’s

talking about?” asked Haru “none of your god damn business now get the hell away from me.” Said Rin while looking away from Haru.

“Now now Rin I think we can answer there pointless question don’t you think?” said Nurika while standing up. “Let me think well we

were talking about my little stunt today in class caused by this bright child here.” Said Nurika while pointing to Kyo. “It is not my entire

fault ya know.” Said Kyo turning red. “So what do you do in your spare time?” asked Haru “hmm why do you want to know?” asked

Nurika “well I thought maybe you might want to go out sometime.” Said Haru while he was getting closer to her arms coming around her

as she ended up against a tree. “ hmmm sounds good pick me up at 7:00 tomorrow.” Said Nurika ………

Well that’s chapter three see ya later R&R

that was chapter 3 and now chapter 4

Hey this is chapter 4 yes we are moving along! Hmmmm I still need some reviews though. Well anyway we

have gotten to a weird point in the story of will nurika really go out with Haru and what about Rin how does she feel well lets find out!

Chapter 4- the date and the 1st secret reviled

“What Haru asked me out?” cried Yoshi. Right so after Haru had asked Nurika out the bell had rung at that

time she had received a phone call to come to the main sohuma estate the same day and time that Haru had

wanted to go out. So Nurika knew that her sister Yoshi had a crush on Haru so she had an idea of to set

them up for the date. Know at that time they were really late and needed to hurry. They met up with Haru at a

small resturante he was really surprised when Nurika showed up with Yoshi. “hey whats going on?” asked

Haru “well today or tonight Yoshi is to be your date I got a call from someone and I really need to go see them

so she is your date oh and if you do anything to hurt her I will hurt you ok well bye.” Said Nurika as she turned

to leave now she had left Haru and Yoshi in a very tight spot and Haru was afraid of what would happen if he

did not do as Nurika had said so to break the silence he spoke “so shall we umm lets see what do you

want?” “look you don’t have to do this I know what my sister said but I don’t want you to think you have to do

this and not because you want to.” Said Yoshi hurt that Haru would actually play along with the threat of

satying with her. “well actually I wanted to stay look I might be afraid of your sister right know but I was going

to ask you out to ya know I knew she might do this.” Said Haru Yoshi looked at him and smiled and Haru

thought he was going to melt away at her warm smile. “ok I’ll stay but lets get to know each other ok?” asked

Yoshi “ok” said Haru

Meanwhile leaving the two blossoming lovers Nurika had arrived at the main house to be greeted by Hatori.

He looked at her then said “your late.” “yeah I know I had to deal with something just know so I’m sorry ok hey

I just need to ask you something is Momiji up at this time?” asked Nurika “no I don’t think so but then again I

never know well lets go Akito is already upset that you are late.” Said Hatori as they walked through the

familiar halls of the souma estate they came across a room that was pitch black. (and we all know that it is

akito’s room) and she entered. She saw him leaning against the door that led to the parlor thing. She bowed

respectfully toward Akito and knew he could see her. “why are you late I said at 7:00 and I ment it.” Said

Akito “I know but I had to take care of something first.” Said Nurika “really what could be more important then

me?” asked A (I am going to do A for Akito and N for Nurika so that you know.) “my sister went out with

someone who had asked me and I had to make sure that this person would stay with her.” Said N “really well then.” Said A Akito walked toward Nurika and ………….

hope you like it see ya!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

My Fan Fic Story!!!!!
ok so the vote to put up the story has convinced me i shall ok so this is a fruits basket fan fic. This is about four transfer student with a terrible secret but what happens when our friends of the zodiac find out plus why is Rin there? haruxoc hatorixoc rinxshigure ocxoc tohrux? yukix? kyox? read and find out!

ok here is capter1 and 2

Hey this is my first fan fic ever! So please go easy when you review and I defiantly own fruits basket it is so awesome! Well here is the first chapter hope you enjoy! R&R!

Chapter 1- the transfer student

The day had started out fine for our friends of the zodiac. Yuki had a student council meeting that morning and Tohru and Kyo had done what they normally did in the morning before heading out for school. When Tohru and Kyo arrived to school they were greeted by a mob of students at the main office. “What the hell is going on?” asked a very agitated Kyo. At that moment Uo and Hana appeared and grabbed Tohru who then grabbed Kyo and then were lead away to there class room. When they got there they meet up with Yuki who had also come face to face with the shock of the crowd.

“Now we can talk and actually be heard.” Said Uo. “Do you know whats going on out there Miss Honda?” asked Yuki “I couldn’t find out because of the crowd.” “no I did not Yuki-kun we could not see I think though someone said that it is two new transfer students though so maybe that is what ever one is talking about.” Said Tohru just then the whole class filed in and the teacher followed. “Ok class I know that you all know that we have two new transfer students from Osaka please welcome them and make them feel at home” said the teacher. Just then…

Hehehehe I thought I would leave a slight cliff
hanger well I shall update soon! See ya soon! Oh
and sorry that this is so short.

Hehehe finally chapter two yes! By the way some where in this story there is going to be a couple of lemons so I though I should tell you ahead of time k! anyway I hope that you enjoy this chapter! This is going to be longer ok! Oh before I forget the 4 girls in this chapter are………

Nurika me Sango92 or Sydney

Yoshi my friend Shelly

Nuriko my friend Charlie and it is a girl

Momo my friend Christina

K well here is chapter 2 enjoy!

Chapter 2

Just then 5 girls walked in to the classroom Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru sat in shock when they recognized Rin. Why is Rin here I thought she wanted to be far away from us as she can be oh man I gotta tell Haru. Thought Yuki. Kyo was more on lines of this great not another on and it just had to be the cold ass bitch Rin. Tohru however was more like this wow izusu-san is here this is so cool I wonder who the other 4 are I can’t wait to talk to them!. Just then the teacher spoke “ how odd I thought there was only two of you girls starting today not 5.” “ well they made a mistake at the office so no there is five of us but if you want we will leave and find a different classroom.” Said Momo. “ no that’s ok umm so please tell the class your name and something about yourselfs.” Said the teacher. Momo was the first to speak up “ umm hello my name is momo and these are my sister well almost all of them hehehe we come from Osaka and let’s see I like to well I don’t know I like music I guess.” “ well that’s interesting” said the teacher and you she pointed to a girl with short brown hair. “ hmmm me oh my name is Yoshi and I like I guess the same think as momo here hehehe we are really close so yeah.” Said I very happy Yoshi. “ I am Rin or izusu sohma and lets see just stay away from me and we will be fine ok” said Rin. “ my name is Nuriko and I like to analyze things like take them apart and build other things.” The one girl that everyone wanted to know about just stood there quiet as ever they relized that she was not going to speak herself so the teacher spoke up and said “ and you tell us about yourself please miss?” “ my name is Nurika and I like martial arts I can probably kick most of your asses and I also am very protective of my sisters so don’t try anything got it!” man she is scary thought Kyo

Hehehehe well hope you like the second chapter until next time!
so tell me so far how you like it well see ya!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

   Whats up!!!
whats up everyone sorry that i have not updated in a long time i have been busy with writing a fan fiction story! tell me do you want me to put it on my site? i need some input so yeah tell me what you think! see ya later!
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Your beauty hides in your loneliness.
You're isolated from everyone. You don't want

anyone to be near you. Did someone do

something so inhumane that you won't go back?

What ever the matter was, it has pushed you

into your own world and you won't let anyone

in nor near you. I doubt you even like being


Your Quote:
'Loneliness... it's just a disease.'

Your Song:

Bother - Stone Sour

Wish I was too dead to cry

My self-affliction fades

Stones to throw at my creator

Masochists to which I cater

You don't need to bother;

I don't need to be

I'll keep slipping farther

But once I hold on,

I won't let go 'til it bleeds

Where does your beauty hide? (Amazing Pictures and Detailed Results)
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Weapon:Control fire!
You are cool, sometimes crazy,impulsive,but can

hold yourself in hands!(me:just like me!)

What are you?(element,japanese name,weapon,bla-bla-bla!)2
brought to you by Quizilla

The affection in your eyes is


You tend to mope around

with your head down! You usually seem to have

a worried look on your face, meaning you are

waiting for something dreadful to happen, or

it has already happened! Sometimes you wonder

why you are like the way you are, and you

mostly want to change how you are, but it is

to difficult to erase the past! You usually

like to look at out a window, and imagine

yourself as those happy kids playing!

~What type of affection do your eyes hold?(Gorgeous ANIME pictures!!!)~
brought to you by Quizilla

Your dominant Element is:

Air is insubstantial and ubiquitous, and its most

common form, the wind, is equally so. Air

Elemental people are always changing, their

trademark being unpredictability and

inconsistency. Their opinions change as

quickly as the weather, choosing whatever

strikes their fancy at that moment. They are

sometimes loud and obnoxious, sometimes

subtle and quiet, but always desire to draw

attention to themselves. They are impatient,

never willing to wait on or for others. They

are also sometimes forgetful, due to the

large number of activities they take on and

the thoughts they have each day. They find

themselves possessed of strange obsessions

and flights of fancy, often adopting hobbies

only to abandon them shortly afterward. Their

voice is also very important to them, for

without it their own silence would be

unbearable. They often use this to express

themselves through singing or acting.

What is your dominant Element? (A serious personality test, for a change)
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Understanding- Your inner power is

Understanding! Lifes many mysteries have

become your ultimate goal to work out. You

are neither a good or bad person, just very

neutral, very stable. You look down on

nothing or anyone, merely observe their point

of view and make no judgments. You can be

seen as very shadowy and uncertain in what

you believe in to an outsider, but this isnt

always true. You simply dont flaunt your

views around. You have a few, close friends

who rely on you, and love you for the way

your never scorn for the way they live their

lives. You are very caring and would make a

great mother, seeing you always try to help

those who come to you for your aid. You are

extremely hard to anger, and yet when you

are, your forgiveness is hard to gain. You

are loyal, secretive, very quiet and often

impassive, with few able to break around the

wall that you built to protect yourself. Not

everyone acknowledges you even exist, but you

dont really care. As long as you have your

close friends by your side, you are right to

go. Although they might not voice it, many

people long to have your ability to accept

change as well as what cant be changed. Dont

ever let others bring you down, because you

are truly special, and those who have the

courage to venture passed your walls of

silence will only regret not having tried to

befriend you sooner.
Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet:

The mysterious boy/girl. The one who no one

knows much about. You are attracted to

him/her by the secrecy around him/her, and

he/she loves how stable and unjudging you

Your stone/jewel: Sapphire
Your power: Life. The ability to bring

those who have died back to life, as well as

bring life back into those who have lost all

Your element: Lunar
A quote that applies to you: "Do not

be 'against' anything. Being 'against'

weakens you. Be 'for' what you want. Being

'for' empowers you."

What's your inner power? (Girls only sorry. Beautiful anime pictures, lengthy results)
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Real Guy:
So misunderstood that you might not even like him

at first but sumting should happen to make

you see him in a whole different light. You

will then see his strong, loving adventurous

spirit.He is fun and naughty and alwasy

sweeps you off you feet.
Fantasy Guy: Demon who embraces all the evil but

the dark side attracts you to him more. He

scorns other demons for being so human but

when he meets you that changes.
Kiss:Deep,passionate sumtyms rough.
Date:A magic carpet ride! lol soz dat just sounds

cool dnt ya think so? But anyways... He will

surprise you with every date-concerts,

romantic dinners and even staying at home

with him is gr8!
Your love is full of surprises and you could have

difficulties but he's so worth it cos you

love him and him you. Passion will always be


What Guy and Love are You Destined For? Anime pics now!(Girls) Lots of results!
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