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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hello everyone i am back and at school! man it suks! well how is everyone? hope you all had good holidays! i know i did! well tell me whats up with everyone out there! oh did i tell you guys i have written another Story and it is way better then the others i have written before! and if youo guys want to read it i can post it up here on myo! the story is called Darkened Love and it is for the anime Vampire knights so tell me if you want to read it and i will post it!
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Feliz Navidad!
happy holidays everyone out there at my otaku!
And the world! i hope everyone has a great holiday! i won't be on for i think about 2 weeks cuz i hav vacation and tomarrow and thursday i have finals at my school but i wish you all a good year and happy holidays!

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

hello everyone sorry i haven't really been here much. i have finals coming up and i am soooo stressed with studing and everything! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! well how is everyone out there?
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

   some new and old quizzes and there results!

What Fushigi Yuugi thinks about you by Punk101
how are you
Tasuki thinksthinks your hot! and will have you for his
Tamahome thinksyour miaka's twin and there is no harm done doing u ~_^
Chichiri thinksYour hotter than his dead soon-to-be wife! (I WISH!)
Mitsukake thinksu have healing powers to!
Chirikoyour a sexy lil mama ~_^
Nurikothat your sexy
HotoHori thinks. he thinks nothing!
Tama thinks (mitsukake's cat)Meeee.....uack!! (mix between a cat and a duck)

Fruits Basket Sleepover!! by albino blackWolf
Favorite Color
Your Chinese Zodiac
Shigure dares you to..Kiss him
Akito stares at you and says..Hot!!!
Yuki says..You idiot cat, cant do anything right..
Kyo snaps back.....this sucks
Tohru tries to..make a meal for everyone
Momiji screams..I'm hungryyy!
Kagura whispers..Why do they have to fight?
Hatushara(dark) grabs you and..screams BOOYA!
And you..get snacks

What Sohma Boy Will You Have Hot Sex Of The Century With?(Fruits Basket)(Has Pics) Now With All Of The Male Family Members by silentteen
Eastern sign
Your boy
Have sex onDecember 14, 2014
How many rounds did you go with him3
Did he like itHell ya!
Will he do it againYes,he loved it
What he thinksYour the best

Which Inuyasha character are you? (Updated!)

You're Sango! You are both physically and mentally strong. Your life centers around your friends and family, as well do your thoughts. You care deeply for everyone in your life, and would risk everything to help them. You have a dark past that you are trying to escape, and thanks to your friends, the pain seems to be a little bit more bearable as time goes on.
Take this quiz!

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Which Element are you? (many different results)

Your element is Night! You are shy, quiet and reserved. You don't have many friends, but that doesn't really matter to you. You enjoy all the finer aspects of the night, and probably have a darker outlook on life than others. You greatly enjoy your quiet time, but sometimes can't help but feel a tad bit lonely.
Take this quiz!

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::.What feeling are you trying to hide?.:: (girls only!)

You are hiding pain!Your heart is deeply hurt and confused. You strive to be the happy, fun-loving person you once were but fail. Something in your life may have hurt you so deeply that you cannot seem to pull yourself back together and are constantly on the verge of falling apart. You are seemingly in a sea of darkness, in search of the light.
Take this quiz!

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

3 new poems i wrote last night enjoy!
what have you done#1

what have you done to me?
A black cloud of blackness as feelings
Once we drank of bliss,
glad-hearted and hand in hand,
but your desire soured.
A vengful throng of memory-
drops of blood follow rain, follow pain
love burnt to ashes.
In a haze of tears
I see you

What have you done#2

what have you done?
A shadow of betrayal as emotions
Once we enjoyed heaven,
innocent and untainted,
but you desire soured.
a clouded pool of blood-
tears follow pain, follow blood.
Love forgotten
In a rush of tears
I condemn you

Dark love (this is a poem about vampires i guess)

It is a night of dark desire, a song of blood,
Wolves vent their pain. the eternal one
Night shrouds her deathly form,
an eternal fear.
Her midnight hair cascades over
pale shoulders, and her
full blood red lips part slightly to
taste the
red tears streaming from the pale flesh beneath
Now a night of ectasy,
I smile vaguely.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

   hi guys
hey i was wondering does anyone have and acount on fanfiction.net if you do and if you write stories can you give me your pen name i want to read some of your stories.

my pen name is sango92
so if you want to go read my stories!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

watch this

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Monday, October 9, 2006

chapter 1!!!!!
ok here is chapter 1 of my story!

Ok people here is chapter 1 of will you love me! I want to thank shadowed ambience for being my

first reviewer! Oh and when you read the prologue sorry that it looks like a poem in wasn’t meant to! Well here is chapter 1 of will you love me. Oh and I need an editor for both of my stories so if anyone wants to volunteer then just say so in a review. Oh and this will no longer be an fbxinu crossover now on with the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own fruits basket the creators do but I do own merchandise!

Chapter1-New School Year

It’s the beginning of the third year of high school for Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo. Right now they are at

the school abnormally early due to Tohru getting the time wrong and Yuki and Kyo are fighting as usual.

“You damn rat look now we are way to early cuz you just had to make us rush so that you could

make your appearance for your stupid fan club!” yelled Kyo “Don’t you dare blame me you stupid

cat if you weren’t so slow and lazy we might have walked a little slower!” yelled Yuki right back.

Now Tohru tried to break up they’re fighting but as usual they didn’t listen and so the verbal war

continued for about an hour or so until Tohru broke it by saying “ hey look yuki, Kyo there are

people coming out of the building.” Both boys stopped what they were doing and looked in the

direction that Tohru was pointing and sure enough there were two figures walking out of the office

the three teens couldn’t see there faces but both had jet black long hair that went past there butts

and stopped at there knees. They were in deep conversation and from the uniforms one had on the

girls uniform but the color was black while the other had the girls top and the boys pants also black.

The two were in such a deep conversation that they didn’t see the three teens until the girl with the

girls uniform bumped into Yuki and both fell to the ground. “Ugn what the hell watch where you’re

going!” yelled the girl “ huh wait Rin is that you it is no wonder I didn’t transform.” Said a very

surprised Yuki “ what or great its you damn it!” said Rin “Rin are you alright?” asked the other

person that the teens found out was a girl she had black eyes that were cold and sent a shiver down

Tohru’s spine. The girl also had half of her bang covering one eye and trailing to the ponytail that she

had her hair in. As she extended her hand to help her up Haru and Momiji came into the school

building and walked up to see what the commotion was what they saw shocked them senseless

(and what I mean was they where shocked to see Rin of course) “Rin what are u doing here?” “Shit

you’re here then again I should have known that and to answer your question I can be here if I want

to.” Said Rin “ Let’s go I don’t want to be here anymore.” Said Rin to the girl who was with her. “

Now Rin it’s not nice to be mean to your family you know.” Said the girl. “ Yeah like I care I wish

they weren’t my family let’s go please.” Rin started to walk away when the girl turned to them and

bowed and said, “ Please forgive her she’s just not in a good mood about being here.” “Yeah we

got that.” Said Kyo “ what is your name if you don’t mind me asking.” Asked Haru “hmmm oh my

name well you will find out later now if excuse me I need to go before Rin has a temper tantrum see

ya!” she said before starting to walk off but when she looked at Tohru something inside was starting

to bubble but she shook it of. No it can’t be her can it? She thought. On the other hand Tohru felt

another shiver run down her spine as if she recognized the girl. She smiled to herself knowing she

was being silly again. Then the bell rang “ahhh we are going to be late.” She said as the teens bolted

to there respective classes but when yuki, Kyo, and Tohru rounded the corner to there classroom

they saw Rin and the girl cornered by the wall and decided to go listen and what they heard pissed yuki off to high heaven.


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Friday, October 6, 2006

my new story Will you love me?
this is my new story it is a fruits basket story so yeah this is the prolouge tell me what you think!

The dead of night under the full moon I stand on the rocks below me is a beach.

My black eyes wander until they reach the full moon. My long black hair falls like a waterfall around me and I sense something is wrong.

“I feel it another of my people have died it’s been happening a lot lately moon I want to stop it but I can’t find the clues I need will you

help me stop this madness before it strikes again.” I lookdown unable to ask more legendary words come to my mind ones that will help

me to find my younger family members. As I walk away happy with the vow that I have made. A smile plays on my lips I will find them

my family and we will finally be together. We must combine our power and strength to lift this curse that has been set upon our family

eons ago. Tomorrow is the start of a new day at my new school this should be fun.

Hey whats up this is my second fruits basket fan fic! Yes! I hope that you like the prologue I shall update as soon as I can! See ya in

chapter 1! Oh and please review because I need to know what pairings that people like so yeah alright bye!


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Friday, September 22, 2006

hey guys whats up? nothing much here just having troubles with my real dad and stuff like that. (sighs) anyway i wanted to know do any of you want me to keep posting up poems and my stories that i write cuz if you do then i will post more of Dark Secrets and my new story will you love me. so tell what ya think!
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