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Sunday, February 25, 2007


sorry i haven't been on for a VERY VERY LONG TIME!!! >.<

i guess i just never felt like coming back yet. lol! but hey! it's nearing summer and i'll have lots of time to get back to ya'll! hope my friends here are still alive...lol! just kiddin'...

but anyway, lots have been going on. i'll keep it short cause i know you like it that way ;P

1. my grades in my 2nd semester of college are getting shmall so i guess i better start getting serious (i'm taking BSNursing for my pre-med) but hey my grades are still kinda cool cause they're high and i don't even study xD

2. i'm taking voice lessons this summer...mum's makin' me
3. because of that my mum doesn't want me doing karatedo for some reason...blah
4. i can't believe my 1st year of college is ending already!!
5. I LOVE CLAY AIKEN!!! as you may have noticed with the "new" theme. lol. same format just different pictures =P

NOTE: i'm sorry if my new theme disgusts people. i understand. but hey, just put up with it for maybe just 2 months and it'll be gone by then =D

that's about it then. OH YEAH! FORGOT TO MENTION! i've improved in my drawing skills!! well i hope it is anyway. i've been able to make 5 original characters now. although 2 of them are half naked and they're all men...'cept for 1. haha!

that's it then. ja!


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Got this from one of EAMR's posts long time ago. hehe!

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