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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

phew! finally finished burning all the naruto episodes i have. not to mention labeling the cds...only up to 162 though

now i don't know what to do xD lol. i don't think i can get my kakashi picture scanned today...mmm...maybe i'll just scan it along with the megumi/misao pic when i finish it. besides i still haven't put a background on the kakashi pic. hahaha! can't think of anything. =(

aside from that hmm...i went to bed at 2am and finally got sleepy at 3am. lol! i just didn't feel like sleeping. hehe!

now i'm just gonna download the rest of the bleach manga! have a great day everyone! ^-^

BlAiZeD: mail order thing...? i don't have the money for that. it's my bro that buys the game cds for me so yeah...meh. =(

Kashin: lol yeah i know. veeeeery far

Night shade2: i really recommend devil may cry. it's an awesome game. devil may cry 2 was really crappy though. but 1 was awesome

Chocobo Knight: soul calibur 3 is an awesome game too!!! i finished all the characters before already...hehehe! Devil May Cry 1 may be short but it's really a nice game. and it makes you wanna play it again so you'll get a higher ranking. =P

TimTwins13: kakashi in the drawing i drew was half naked so it wasn't all that much of a problem. coloring the body was the hard part cause i couldn't get the shade of the flesh i wanted. lol

EAMR: lol sad to say i have both kingdom hearts game but i don't play it. my younger sister does...i watch her play it but somehow it doesn't interest me enough to play it...>.<

Kuraiangel: none of the characters in wrestling are hot for me...they're all too big...=P they're too muscular. not my type. xD

Lone Vampiress: i super like cars. i could almost name every car i see on tv or on the road or whatever. lol. almost xD maybe half of all the cars i see? or 3/4ths? xD hahahaha!

hidden golden eye: chores....i hate 'em...

HeeroYuy77: dude are you serious about buying and mailing me NFS Underground2??!?!?! @.@ i know i'm being thick-faced and everything but that ain't my fault xD

silverdaydreamer: playing the wrestling game was boring...

katocool: yeah i know. the owner of the devil may cry 2 cd i'm using said he thinks it's crappy too when i returned it. haha!


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Monday, May 1, 2006

i forgot!!!

i completely forgot to get my kakashi picture scanned yesterday. oh well. none of you guys remembered either so i guess it's ok.

i might get it scanned tomorrow if my dad gives me money for it. or today and post it tomorrow in theotaku.

nothing extraordinary happened to me yet today. it's already 1pm, monday, for me and all i've been doing was play wresting on my PS2. i'm no wrestling fanatic like most people. i just don't have any more games to play!!! T.T

anybody willing to let me borrow a Need for Speed Underground cd? xD i only have Need for Speed Most Wanted....=( also done with Devil May Cry 1 and 2. 2 was pretty crappy. boring as hell.

aside from that uhh well i don't know what to talk about anymore so i'll leave.

no replies today. busy burning stuff out of my hard drive xP



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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   Happy sunday!!!

hope you guys are having a wonderful sunday afternoon today!

my sunday is actually going good! great in fact!! even though i'm having my girl thing!!! wahahahaha!!! i know i know. why would i think otherwise of my sunday right?

for one, my mum always makes my sunday really bad by getting pissed off by just waking us up. it's no big deal really. i already told her before i don't like being woken up 10 times a day in 30 minutes! just wake me up once and then leave me be and i'll get up on my own. it just really gets on my nerve. it's a morning thing...that goes for both my other sisters too.

but since my mom went to Manila last thursday she wasn't here to do it ^^

i woke up at 9, earlier than when she wakes me up, and woke up everyone else up so we could go to church early as what we usually do then took a bath ^^

everything went smoothly. no shouting or any of that other stuff that usually happens on sundays with my mum.

=very much content=

and now we're all gonna have lunch so i shall go now and eat because i am getting really hungry xD

there shall be no replies to your comments today since...uhh....i just don't feel like it. i feel hungry that's what. =P


Edit: it's Adam's and James' birthday today!


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Saturday, April 29, 2006

   Howdy Ya'll!

just a short message first before i start with my post

thanks for all your concern the day before for my dad everyone. raised my spirits a bit ^-^

hope you guys are having a wonderful saturday evening because i sure am! lol.

not as enjoyable as i would really want but still immensly relaxing ^-^

i'm practically home alone. only my younger sister who's busy with watching t.v. and my brother who just stole the PS2 from me are with me right now and as you can see, they're too busy to bother me. hehe!

since yesterday evening i've been burning all my Naruto episodes!!! weeee! lol. thanks again to Blue Hawk who let me borrow her burner (if she's even reading this...)

but aside from that i'm plainly out of ideas on what to do before dinner. just to pass the time and let me forget that i'm already hungry. lol. no food yet xD

oh and about my dad, i really shouldn't have worried so bad. i made my day bad. T.T hehe! but it's ok now. i can see that my dad's working on the ulcer thing. he's been coming home for every meal time! yay! i get some sort of relief knowing that. =)

now i don't know what to talk about so i'm just going to reply to ya'll's comments ^o^

oh wait! i forgot to mention! i'm going to be posting my new fanart tomorrow afternoon ^-^ i would have been able to post it today if i had a scanner. but blah i don't have one. still have to go to an internet cafe to scan it. i hope by tomorrow i'll be able to put a background on it. right now it's a bit plain...T.T

The Mask: then in that case jess i've seen the 2nd movie. hehe! i wanna watch the first T.T

HeeroYuy77: yes it probably was just mediocre...hmmm...but anyway really glad to see you again ^-^

KitsuneTsuki: i hope it doesn't go that bad for my dad =( lol. he seems pretty fine to me i guess.

obnoxious: lol yes. i do put a lot of effort in my drawings. =) hope you check it out tomorrow.

Night shade2: i hope so too. thanks for the concern ^-^

Karumichan: lol so are you god now then? xD

Curi: lol thanks =D

Kuraiangel: hahahahaha! xD you got me there. i shall do the advertising after the replies to the comments then. lmao

Dark Phoenix: yeah i asked my older sister if they have medications on it. she said yes and after that i didn't worry as much anymore =)

darkeangel: yep! surely does!!! i finished a drawing in 2 days! lol. yeah it seems like a long time but it's a short time for me. i usually finish in 3-4 days cause of school xD

bLuE eYeS: yeah, i know. that's why i feel better now ^-^


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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A not really nice start for a great day of doing nothing

well this day marks the few weeks when i finally have nowhere i need to be and nothing i really have to do.

i took a bath. woke up my older sister cause she has an interview for a job. went to the kitchen and made myself scrambled eggs for brunch and got on my computer.

took a short break to get some water and i heard my dad talking on the phone with my mum about some medicine. asked him afterwards if he was sick cause i was wondering why he wasn't at work. he told me my mum thinks he has ulcer...T.T i think he thinks he does too and it's making me worry real bad...i keep trying not to worry so much about it yet since nobody's really for sure yet. i'm asking him to get a check up but i don't know if he'll do it today though.


sorry for saying that here but i just felt like saying it here for some reason.....meh...

i need to think positive.

ahh ok here's something. Blue Hawk requested a half naked Kakashi drawing from me last June when our senior year of highschool just started. i started on it right away but never got to finish it. pen it and color and stuff cause i got busy with schoolwork. as i told you guys before i didn't get to do any artwork done in my senior year.

but since i'm on summer vacation already i'm gonna be able to do a lot. so i started again on the kakashi pic the day before yesterday. i just finished it this morning. it looks awesome...Kakashi's so hot....=drool=

i can't believe i'm giving the original to Blue Hawk...grrrr!!! but oh well...a deal's a deal. ^-^

next i'm gonna be starting on my Misao/Megumi pic which i haven't finished at all!!! the unfinished one is in my fanart section and that drawing's been unfinished since last year!! hahahahaha!!!

so i'll be doing that today then. at least there's something to get my mind off problems even just for a while.

oh and yes i know about the font thing. that if you guys don't have it on your computer you won't be able to see it. that's the reason why i was asking if you could see it. and seeing that you don't i'll just change it to Trebuchet MS which i suppose most computers have from the beggining.

Night shade2: ok then. i wish i could have just taken it from my pedia. in the university they just asked me stuff like if i had allergies and everything. it was crap. but oh well

mirokus daughter: lol yeah. that's one way to look at it. i remember my older sister having a difficult time choosing what to wear each morning xD you're also right about not showing your personality cause of uniforms.

katocool: wearing uniforms isn't cool after wearing different ones since you were in preschool....lol

beyblader: yes i know. and yes, it is very tedious. i am so glad i'm done with everything else and don't have to come back till june 10 to get the uniforms

Curi: lol yeah! i though you left!!! o.O

ElvesAteMyRamen: well just be thankful that you're tall xD i'm only a 5feet!!! i wanna be taller!!! T.T

Karumichan: hahahaha! during senior year we had lots of laugh planning on killing the administrators of our schools for making us wear uniforms during grad. practices. hahahaha!

jrockfangurl: that's ok. i haven't been here a lot anyway =D

SunfallE: i am pretty much nervous but i'm also bored at the same time...it's school all over again!!! when will it end?!?!? lmao xD

oh! and thanks for getting the link to that banner!!! appreciate it a lot! =D can't believe you still remember that!!! hehe!

JuicyJuice: haha! moms think uniforms are cute i guess xP

The Mask: that was in UC jess ^^ and no they didn't make me go nakey. it's just like the medical exam in MMCH. the doctor just lets you sit down and asks you stuff. as what i said, it was crap hahaha! the skirt type uniform is new.

wait a minute!!! there are two deuce bigalow movies?!?! wha-????

Lone Vampiress: that is so true =nods nods=

Kuraiangel: whoa...that's what i was thinking...o.O

Dark Phoenix : yes it's supposed to be different but i'm just gonna change it to a normal one now...=( i hope i'll never have to go through that financial aid office thing then xD

bLuE eYeS: yes!!! down with uniforms!!! if i have to wear a uniform i want to be the one to design it!!! bwahahahaha!!!


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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

   a satisfying day, indeed

hey everyone! i promise you this will be the last time i'll ask about my font in my post ok?!?! lmao...does the font look different or is it like the normal font(arial, times new roman, etc.) you see on your computer?

just wondering how many of you guys actually see the font i'm using or not cause if now i'll just change it to the normal one....meh....

but anyway!!! i accomplished something today!!! yay!!!

=jumps up and down=

i went to the university again and lined up for the medical examination. but they were only taking 50 people in the morning so they just gave the rest priority numbers. i was number 1!!! i wanted number 5....T.T


i had to go back at 1 in the afternoon for that so i just went to get my id picture taken. didn't take really long but they made us go nakey inside!!! hahahaha! just take off the shirt though so we can wear the blouse of the school uniform for the picture. thought that was pretty useless. damn blouse was huge on me!!! i'm a small person for crying out loud!!! SMALL!!!!

=makes evil face=

so......i went back home to eat and watch a vcd that i rented out (duce bigalow [sp?] [awesome movie too!!! hihi! loved it]) then went to the university again. after medical examination i got myself fitted for the school uniforms...i hate uniforms but thankfully i kinda like theirs ^^ although we are required to have one of the skirt uniforms...(for the girls there are 2 uniforms. one is the skirt and one is the pants)

looooong post now....

replies to comments!!! bwahahahahaha!!!

katocool: thank god i don't have to get a visa yet then!!! xP

bLuE eYeS: yeah i know, i keep thinking that but what a waste of all my fare then!!! lol

HeeroYuy77: you're still here!!!! yehey!!! even though i really haven't watched gundam wing i really think you're like heero. i imagine a guy who's always just monologueing (sp?) to everyone he knows to be heero and you somehow clearly resemble that xD take it as a compliment =P

Shireishou: umm...i don't know what site you're talking about....and i got it from a pictures search really so i don't know what site...hehe!

SunfallE: really? it seems scary with all the older looking people around!!! xD and i keep feeling all the other freshpeople's eyes on me everytime i walk by!! it's horrible!!!! lol. but after a while i might just get used to it. hehe!

Karumichan: yeah i know. it's my first time not having accomplished anything in a day and i hate it! lmao =D

EAMR: meh...you just reminded me..i have to get stuff signed by my soon-to-be-teachers....gah....another task on the long list...all that's tiring to me are all these super long lines!!!! AND they take so long!!!

Night shade2: i hope so too ^_^

Dark Phoenix: i hope i'll get used to that too! haha! cause i don't really have a lot of patience in me. lol! thanks for liking my post background by the way =D i like it too! haha! i have another one that's a sunset and one with sid, from ice age in it. i'm gonna be using the other 2 sometime soon. hehe! gonna be changing my post background more than my site background =P

EDIT: my fortune cookie says i'm adopted!!!! hahahahahaha!!! i've always had my doubts.....=giggles=

holy crap!!! i just giggled!!! computer giggled!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!


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Monday, April 24, 2006

hey everyone! sorry for not visiting your sites at all yesterday!!! or this morning when i still could have...

i got busy yesterday planning and getting my stuff ready for this morning so i completely forgot. i slept right after i finished cause i got tired....

today i had to go to USC (university of san carlos), that's the college i'm going to this school year, to get my id picture taken and to get my medical examination there. we have to have it there for some reason.

anyway, i didn't have the requirement for the id picture so i'm going back tomorrow. and the line for the med exam was super long so i'm going back for that tomorrow too.

then i went to this place where i could get my original copy of my birth certificate which i have to pass to the university. but again, super long line and i need to get a meeting scheduled still. so i'm going back on wednesday for that.

all in all i didn't get anything accomplished today and i'm boring you out with my ramblings about it. i get tired just thinking about it!!!! grrrr!!!!!!!

no replies on your comments tonight guys. i still have to wake up early tomorrow and i really don't have that much time left on the computer. my mum might come back here and drag me to my room by my ear...>.<

g'night everyone!


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Sunday, April 23, 2006

   What is up with my Font Size???

hey seriously, is my font still HUGE? T.T or probably tiny now that you can't read anything...?

right now how big do you estimate it to be if it was in microsoft word? just so i know what to do with it ok? huhu...

anyway...since it's sunday, everything's routine again.

went to church.
ate out.
went somewhere.

that somewhere today happens to be in the mountains...now i'm tired...i wanted to sleep after lunch. lol xP it's now 4:30 and i want to sleep maybe before visiting your sites

heck nobody posted yet anyway. lmao

sorry if i'm not so enthusiastic right now. i'm just tired...

so now to the replies...

X-705 WIND: wait...waaaahh?!?! but you called me juewewa...o.O who are you then? O_O

KitsuneTsuki: lol i did that last night...lol. so i understand completely ^^ thank for putting me back though :D and yes i've been gone a loooooong time so sorry 'bout that xD thanks for liking my background. i like it too

Xx beth xX: all i read are historical romance novels. i don't really like the present ones...hehehe!

Karumichan: i really hope so too! lol. sorry about the huge font size!!!! >.<

mirokus daughter: lol not those kind of romance novels. those are the kind my mum gets too. those thinner ones right? the books i buy are worth about 3$ there i think. yeah...thick ones...:P thanks for liking my background :)

GTHaloPLayer: it's ok if you won't leave long comments. i'm fine with that. but long comments are very much appreciated though ^_~ lmao!

obnoxious: hehe! yeah i decided agains anime post backgrounds. i think it tends to distract/interfere people from reading posts so yeah...:D oh and that's what my mum says too! that getting dial up is "unnecesary" well, it's not. since my sister's going to wait for a call from one of the companies she's getting employed in i can't use the internet until 5 in the afternoon every weekdays!!! T.T oh and in the pictures they aren't all nude. just half nude. hehe!

anime girl67: which background do you mean? my post background or site background? PM me about it and i'll help ye out with it, k? ^-^

EAMR: yeah i like the background better now but i still feel like changing it. maybe. anyway, dial up is more expensive than dsl there??? whoa..o_O my mum won't get me dsl cause it's more expensive! and yes i read romance novels. although i'm not like those messy ones you told me about. i put the books right back where i get them. unless i'm buying it. lol

The Mask: my text size is in medium...

Lady Shadowfox: yeah i know. but i also know that other people detest romance novels cause they call them literary porn. (bec. they have sex in them, yes most of them have) but jeez not everyone gets horny just by reading stuff! i don't anyway. lol.


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

howdy everyone! ^^

ok. first thing's first. i changed my site's background now. is it better? even just a tiiiiiny bit? still can't find anything that i really really like. ehehehe...

oh! and is the font in my post ok? too big? too small? cause i'm not sure. maybe it looks small in my computer but it's uber big in yours. happened before so yeah. just checking ^^

well today i got pissed at my internet connection, yet again. crappy dial-up...it takes me an hour now to finally get connected!!! grrr!!!

i talked to my dad a bit about it and i hope to god he gets me DSL already. been asking him and my mum for it since the start of my 4th year in Highschool for crying out loud!

anyway, as for my time spent away from the computer i went to the mall today with my older sister to look for pin-stripped cloth for the slacks that she's gonna get sewn for her. then looked at more romance novels

*yes i read romance novels. a lot. (but not the ones with pictures of ugly disgusting half-naked people that go with the book)*

bought a lot as usual. and i'm not the one who pays - as usual.

when i got home i watched The Incredibles! it was awesome!!! wahahaha!!!

well that's it then for today's ramblings. now for the replies to your comment. i just feel like doing one k? :P

Night shade2: yes, thank you. good to be back here too ^^

EAMR: lol! sorry 'bout that xD just really didn't have time when i was in school. and yes am back for good this time. really want to get on to drawing more (didn't get to do any this school year!!! T.T) and what more inspiration do i need than be here with really wonderful artists such as yourself? ^-^

yes i'm a bit nervous going to college. what's more there will only be at least 2 girls in the course i'll be taking. lol. i decided to shift to another school to another course on 2nd sem. i'm gonna be a doctor...decided engineering's not really my thing.

pyromaniak1: yeah! summer's really good. get to catch up on a lot of stuff without school in the way. hehe!

DarkFaerie88: lol. i'm sure you'll find a way around that ~_^

X-705 WIND: hey ken!!! i didn't know you had an account here!!! hehehe! if you signed my gb then i'm sorry cause i haven't checked that since i started going back here again. ahehehe!

i'll go check out your site later tomorrow cause i really need to sleep now...just finished my rounds of visit...hehe...gomen!

Kuraiangel: lol. the bonfire was fun! i inhaled a lot of smoke though...ehehe! believe me that 1 month to go is going to fly by really fast (especially if you're graduating :P)

beyblader: lmao. i promise you i will be here every single day again. unless i have something important to do of course. :D yes i like blue...hihi!

katocool: god yes...i really do hope too that it will look good after all the modifications.

darkeangel: not summer?!?! you just got back from uhh...malaysia? singapore??? -can't remember which country exactly but somewhere in asia- and you don't consider that summer??? o.O lmao. a vacation then? xD

bLuE eYeS: hehe! the university does look a bit like a haunted mansion...xD hahahaha! i'll be keeping in touch with him. he is...how do you say, internet friendly? xD

demonboy: lol. you caught my site at a wrong time. i was still testing it out. ehehehe!


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Friday, April 21, 2006

Finally!!! it works!!!! lmao!

spent all night last night trying to redo my post styles. xD it just finally worked this morning. lol.

my whole site's not entirely done. i still want to change the background cause it doesn't go with my post's bg.

hehe! i think i'll be here more often that i used to be since it's already my summer and i have nothing else to do except my guitar lessons ^.^

hope you guys still even remember me. hehehe!

anyway, in my next school year i'll be in college already! so that's another problem. might not be able to cope up here again. lots of math to do since i'm taking engineering. Electronics Communications Engineering to be exact.

i hear your spring breaks just ended! hehe! :P

my summer's going fine i guess. last wednesday my friend Kevin had a farewell party cause he's going back to Switzerland to study. it was awesome :D lots of great fun there. did most of the cooking though...we spent the whole day in his beach house just playing and stuff with blue hawk, jv and dylan.

we swam in the pool. tried to fish these really small fishes in a cliff xD played Tekken5 using characters we didn't know how to use (that was lots of fun! xP) went to the cliff again and made a bonfire which didn't last long. hahahahaha!!! there we just talked and all that stuff.


gonna miss that day. anyway! this is turning out to be a really long post now. gomen. >.< i'll have a shorter one tomorrow cause i probably won't have anything to talk about anymore. hehehe!


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