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Sunday, February 14, 2010

fuck you
Today is such bs. Why does everyone make such a big deal about valentines day anyways? I'm sick, sneezing 5 or 6 times in a row, I can't breath, and my ears a all clogged up so I can't hear anything anyone is saying unless they are 2 ft away from me. I wake up to find my massive, unfired, two headed, clay turtle to be shattered because once again, no one listens to me when I say to keep my door shut. My cat came in and knocked over a sheet of glass that was on my beaureu which in turn, knocked over a candle, which just happened to land on top of my 3 month long project which had been drying since christmas vacation to make sure that it would not explode in the kiln. All I have to look forward to today is sitting on my ass doing nothing. Thanks Valentines Day, I love you too.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry Myo :(
So I realise that once again, I have not updated in a few months. I haven't had the time or the drive to even post. I'm not leaving, ever, but right now, I have more important things to focus on in my life. For example: I got my first college acceptance letter and now I need to focus on financial aid =( not fun. I've also been falling behind in school, and now that the semester is over, I have to do well in the next one. Have I mentioned that I hate my high school? XD

Art time!

Behind the Mask by ~Notyu on deviantART

Ceramic Cat by ~Notyu on deviantART

Be My Canary by ~Notyu on deviantART

Into Hell by ~Notyu on deviantART

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Holy crap it's been forever since I was last on here!!!! I missed everyone so much <33333333 I've been kinda stranded lately xD

So... new stuff.... not much of it. EWW I just found one of my cat's whiskers on my arm!!! Idk how it got there O.o;; can cats shed whiskers or do they have to be forcefully removed from its face??? ... ehem :3 Anyways, I'm a seinor this year! :D yay... I no longer have a job and I'm looking for a new one, I was nearly kicked out of precalculus for being math retarded (lol)... I'm being forced to learn the entire HTML code by heart thanks to my Graphic Design teacher *it's fucking hard! ;-;* << thats what she said xD... what else... *death*

I just finished a questionaire for some art program I want to get into. Only 6 spots are available for the ENTIRE school district for sophmores, juniors, and seinors SO I BETTER GET IN because that questionaire had 7 questions... and I typed 4 pages -_- my hands are gonna fall off.

Oh, and before I forget, let me sum up how my summer went. First, I visited a college that I want to go to. The campus was awsome and I got free ice cream :). Bad news: We went to a small resturaunt in town *ALL THE RESTURAUNTS WERE TINY!* and we had the most disgusting nachos ever! They were litterally mush on a plate ;-; Good news: I got the most delicious burger I've EVER eaten at the same place xD.

Next, I went to canobie lake park with Twists of Rain, She drove and we got lost for 3 hours on the way there but it was fun as hell!

After that, my grandparents came up to visit us as my parents left for their own vacation *cough* losers *cough* That week was awsome, I love my grandparents to death... and my grandma was an awsome cook :3 Towards the end of that week, my grandma and I went out for some ice cream, and then we went to wal-mart. She never made it home. On the way back from wal-mart, she had and anurism burst in her aorta *sp?* (and for anyone who doesn't know, that's an artery leading to your heart). I was driving so I pulled over, called 911 at a gas station, and got an ambulance. Supposedly her heart stopped in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I cried all week after that. R.I.P. ;-;

Well that was some bad news, and it was enough to ruin the month of July for me forever. (plus there was other shit that happened that month, but at this point it's all a blur)

Last but not least, another story about an adventure with my friend Keri, aka, Twists of Rain. We decided that we REALY wanted to see the movie Ponyo, the only Miyazaki movie to be in theaters in the US as far as I know. It was only playing in one theater in the state we live in. Well, we decided that we REALY REALY REALY wanted to go. So what do we do? We tell our parents that we're going to see a movie in the next town over (which is only about 15-30 mins away). What we realy do, is drive about 30 mins in the opposite direction, jump on the highway, and go to the capital of this state to some WICKED sketchy theater to see Ponyo. We thought we were gonna die, but we didn't waste gas to not see a movie. So we see the movie, live, but then decide that we want to see the capital building... so we parked on the street, got out of the car, and wlked a couple blocks to this building. On the way, some guy turned around from the direction he was walking and started to follow us. At this point we were all like... O.o umm.... wanna jog to keep warm? SURE! that's what we'll do!!! *books it in the other direction to get away from potential rapist* XD Finally, on our way home, Keri misses our exit on the highway, and then misses the next two. *keep in mind this is like, 9:00pm* We ended up in another state -_- Good news: we accidentally got to see fireworks in another state! :D So yea... we made it home eventually lol.

The end :)

Whats new with everyone??? *watch, I'll end up with no relpies and feel like an idiot for talking to myself lol*

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Monday, June 22, 2009

So just now I was in my room after finishing my final project *which looks like shit* and I remember my mom telling ne that I needed to charge my phone for tommorrow, so I took it out of my backpack and it, of course, decides to turn itself on. My phone has no speaker because I fried it by putting it through the wash, and then through the dryer ;-; It's pretty much usless for sound. everything works perfectly EXEPT for external sound. But anyways, I take it out and I start hearing this weird noise. (My phone is a Juke. It still makes sound from the inside, like talking and if I put headphones in it.) Then my ringtone goes off! I had it on full volume because it didn't work but now it does! I'm happy now :) It scared the living shit out of me but I got really exited that it works xD

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

dot.hack// :DDDDDDDDD
So lately, I've been obsessing over the dot.hack// series... wanna know how you can tell that? I just bought 14 cds off of ebay *from the same auction* for about $100... and I played through each of the games I have again... AND I watched the entire dot.hack//Roots series online for alomst 24 hours straight ;-;
and I have an obsession with chim chims... ^_^

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

   I'm not abandoning this site
I know it's been a few months or so from my last post, but I am still here! I'm at school right now (and shouldn't be online right now) but here are the quick highlights of what I've been doing:

- I havn't been on the internet at all in the last few months... well maybe a little but not much

- I got my drivers license!!! :D I failed my driving test the first time with 32 points off and passed a week later with only 6 points off... epic fail :(

- I got a car last thursday! lmfao when we got it, we didn't know about half the features on the car... and apparently, neither did the dealer! It's got heated mirrors, lights under the mirrors, brand new brakes, all kinds of little gadgets and compartments, and the best part is that it has auto start! I could be standing a few feet away from it and start it up from my keys! :D

Well I guess that wasn't as short as I was going to make it but thats about it for the exiting parts. I also spent at least $100 in itunes between now and my last post, and got a few new games.

OMG! I haven't been online since before Christmas have I?!?! Damn thats a long time! I'll be sure to post every now and then but I'm in my Graphic Design class right now. I'm REALY happy that theres no security features on these computers otherwise I'd be screwed...

See ya! *poofs before I get caught*

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Friday, February 13, 2009

8D aha
OMG I'm not grounded! I was REALY surprised seeing as I got a D in Anatomy & Physiology! *dances* That makes me happy... lol ignore my last post =DDDDD
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Well this sucks...
So Verizon internet switched to Fairpoint Communications and I lost my internet for a while. NOW I got it back and tommorow I might be grounded -_- report cards come at a bad time and I guarentee I won't be able to be online for a long time! So I'm just letting you guys know that and I hope to talk to you all again soon! :D
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Monday, February 2, 2009

TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!!! We finally switched classes for second semester and I love mine! I have chemistry, graphic design 2, french 2, and then american cultural experience. *yeah I have no idea what that last one's supposed to be* I have someone I know in every class so it's all good ^^. My french teacher's a complete ditz though... she dropped the overhead transparency thing because she picked it up by the detatchable part -_-... she's not too bright xD. OMG my teacher for last block is sketchy!!! I had to leave early because I had a job interview and I wanted to be there before anyone else and when I told her she was all like... "*whisper* yeah uh huh... AND WHAT IS YOUR NAME???..... *more whispering* okay... uh huh... yes..." It reminded me of Dane Cook's example of the whispering lady at the drive thru of Burger King T__T AND THEN she practically chased me down when I got up to leave to give me "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", it was scary!

Also... I finally made a myspace =D *dances*

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Friday, January 16, 2009

HEY! Did you guys notice that registration for myo acctually works?!?!?!?! Friggen pain in the ass did not let us know that very clearly! To do that, you have to go ALLLLL the way to theotaku.com and register there and THEN come back to myo an log in here. -_- I know this because I just did this for my friend Kelsy...


chibilala: lol no damage was done to my house during the storm and I DID tell you that my B-day was in October xD *read a few posts back*

*bounces* THE END OF THE SEMESTER IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!! omg I can't wait to get rid of Algebra and Anatomy *stabs*

I'm kinda brain dead right now so I don't know what else to tell you guys...


1.) Have you ever almost burned down your friend's or your own house?
uhh... multiple times??? ^-^ *cough* keri...

2.) Whats the worst thing you've ever pronounced wrong?
this weird girl's name at my school... when I said it for the first time, it sounded like I was saying the name of a porn site xD

3.) What do you want to do right now?
I wanna go pee x_x

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