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Friday, March 24, 2006

first half goes to kayla im sorry

last night

i feel as if died

i cryed

i had to leave i couldnt do it

shes still in my head

the times we had

it was the only time i was glad

but i sill love her


and now she has some one eles

every thing seems as if its not what it seems

im not going to fight it im not going to run

im just not going to be there

im gone

coffie romeo and julyet hell school that kid who look like a fool frodotakeing shoes the mall the clash towel heads when u and aly showed up at angels and i ran for it

thes fucking thoughts


now im drinking 40ds

and smokeing pot

and i just cant stop im dieing before 30

and every thing is turning ugly

im sick to my head

i dont feel love any more i spit blood instead

my parents have given up

im done careing for the planet its goging today any way

the animals are food to u and me fuck philasaphy

school is a joke

the girls ther make me choke

the things they wear make me sick

andi hope they choke onit

what are we going to do about thes thoughts

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