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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing??

My deepest apologies for not been as active on MyO as I should!!*bows*
Been busy with school and my art site^^

I'm working on a new site,it's a character shrine for Hirako Shinji!!*points avatar*

I wen to see X-Men 3:Last Stand...ZOMG!!!!!!O_O
Though as a Marvel fan since childhood,I have followed the X-Men franchise and saw & read many X-Men titles...I have to say,I was a bit disapointed...but all in all,a must-see movie!
Here's my critic fangirl-ish ranting:
Warning!!!SPOILERS UP AHEAD!!!!! Just highlight the text below to read^^
[SPOILER]ZOMFG!!!!Pyro is so hot!!!No pun intended^^; His battle with Iceman was pretty cool..I just really love him in the movie,even though Pyro went badboy^___^

Yay,Kitty has a bigger role now!

lmao When Warren(Angel,also known as Archangel) entered the scene,my friend and I were are like:"Wow!!!!O_O Shexxay!!!" lol Though,he didn't get much character developpment..

Also Callisto,Arclight and Psylocke are in the movie!!!You can see the rivalry between Callisto(leader of the Morlocks) and Storm.Though it was ever explain why they fight with each other...
When I saw Psylocke and Angel in the trailers,I though that there would be somekind of romantic interest between them..but no...Well,at least Callisto didn't get her hands on him and stripped Angle of his clothes...^^; If you read the comics,you know what I'm talking about...lol^^;
Quill is also in the movie,allies with the Brotherhood..though,they call him Kid Omega...Ppl,he is not Kid Omega!!
Why would they rename Quill,Kid Omega..it doesn't make any sense,since Quill is nowhere near Omega class-level(class 5 level mutant is the term use in the movie)

When Jean becomes the Phoenix it was pretty blah...there were not flaming Phoenix..T-T She's less psycho then she should have been...

At the end,I'm very happy for Rogue and Bobby^^

I'll stop my ranting here...^^;

Ahhh...I cried at the end..because,there won't be anymore sequels..But,it has been announce that if the 3rd sequel fairs very well,they might consider to make more...

Oh,don't forget to watch the ending credits all the way,there's a very important scene at the end...which implies that there might be a continuation of the movie franchise^^

Well,have a wonderful day!!!
Thank you for reading!
With love;
.::Keki óż

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