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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hello there!!
How are you all doing??^^

Happy Mother's day to all your moms!!
It's midnight..lol..I'll be going to sleep soon and 8 hours later,I'll have to wake up and cook a nice breakfast for my mom^.^With my lil sister's help of course!I think I'll make pancakes..my specialty! lol Then,later on..we're going to take her shopping^^

My deepest apologies for neglecting MyO...I wasn't able to visit much...Gomen.*bows*T^T
I was busy with my art site..YATTA!one of affiliates offered to host my site!!Click:: Bostafu[dot]sth1d4(Something Wonderful)[dot]Net.Thank you so much Sophia,I love you!!!^__^ So,please do drop by if you have time to spare!!!Sankyuu!

O_O ZOMG!! At the end of the school year,there's always a award ceremony...I'm a nominee..in Best Student in Wed&Graphic Design!!! It's kinda weird..since I didn't even a single scholar certificate..none,nash,zip,nul!Hahahah,you must think I suck...well,I do.I'm not very studious(I hardly study or do HW,unless it's required)...nor ambitious about getting great marks..as long as I pass with atleast 60%,I'm more than satisfied! lol Yet,I have 82%(well,last time I checked) average^^ I never been to those award ceremonies...I'm really happy^.^So,it doesn't matter if I don't win in the end.=3
Though,I do feel a bit undeserving...since I am a real slacker..lol...but I must be doing something good to have received such a honor!!^///^

Well,wouldn't want to drag this post any longer..^^;

Have a wonderful day & take care!<3

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