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Friday, May 5, 2006

Oye!Bonsoir my friends^^
It's been awhile..sumimasen*bows* Hopefuly,I'll be around more often^^;

Yesterday was my French written exam..counts for 50% of my school year...it went pretty well...

As you can see,new layout^^ I actually made a Div layout,but it ended up looking sloppy when I tried it on MyO..T-T
I played around with the coding for days..>_>;
So,screw that...went back to basic XP

So,I didn't want my pretty Shinji to go to waist..so I decided that I'll creat an fansite for this character! lol I always intended to make a Hisagi Shuuhei shrine..but I love Hirako-kun so much..Why? Because his hair looks alot like Yzak Jule's!!!! XP Yosh!^__^d

Today's the Children Festival (in Japan anyway & other parts of Asia..)!!! I love this festival^^At restaurants,there'll be small koi fish(carps) flags^.^

Random::I can't wait to play Dirge of Cerberus!!Yatta!!Yatta!

Well,love you all!Ja!

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